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Carpenter Bees In South Portland Don't Fix Anything

carpenter bee boring hole in deck

We all know that human carpenters are great at fixing things, especially in Maine where heavy snow and ice can cause roofs to buckle, decks to bow, and rooflines to sag. Having a carpenter work on your house is good, but when carpenter bees work on your house, they won't fix anything.

The female carpenter bee tunnels into wood. The holes they bore are about the size of a nickel and perfectly round. While a single female isn't going to do a lot of damage, multiple females can. Carpenter bees are drawn to using old tunnels and making them longer. So, when you see carpenter bees flying around your home--and you will--(these large bumblebee-looking bees with their shiny black abdomens are hard to miss), you're going to want to do something about them. If left untreated, this problem can turn into a nightmare.

Carpenter Bee Damage

  • When these bees chew tunnels in wood steps, you could be in for a fall.
  • If they chew tunnels in railings, those railings may no longer be safe to lean against.
  • If you have anything around your home that you don't want a tunnel chewed into, you're going to want to have this pest taken care of
  • In a worst case scenario, tunnels caused by repeated carpenter bee infestation can cause support beams to weaken and the structure of your deck, patio, porch, shed, or outbuilding to warp from the stress.

DIY Carpenter Bee Solutions

This is a pest that requires education and experience to remove. If holes are not properly plugged, the female bees can cause more damage to the structure of your home as they try to tunnel out. It is also unwise to attempt to use insecticides without proper knowledge, especially if you have children or pets.

What to Do About Carpenter Bees

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we know how to get carpenter bees out and keep them out; but even more than this, our highly educated team looks for other pest issues that can arise from having carpenter bees chewing holes in your home. If you want a real solution, let Big Blue Bug Solutions help. There are a ton of bugs and wildlife species that attack homes in South Portland and throughout Maine. Your carpenter bee infestation could be a blessing in disguise. It may lead you to discover something far worse, like carpenter ants or ongoing water damage.

Your South Portland home is a large investment. Let Big Blue Bug Solutions help you protect it.