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Drain Cleaning Services For South Portland

floor drain

Are you ready? Here comes a ten cent word. Bioremediation. You probably already know what that word means, but for those of you who don't, it is basically a process that uses naturally occurring or deliberately introduced microorganisms, or other forms of life, to consume and break down environmental pollutants.

Here are a few ways bioremediation has been used to clean things up in an environmentally safe way

  • When there is an oil spill, sometimes those spills can be cleaned up by introducing bacteria which eats that oil up and turns it into harmless organic waste. Pretty clever, huh?
  • Waste treatment plants will often use earthworms to help remove heavy metals from human waste. Earthworms have an amazing ability to digest heavy metals like cadmium and lead and render them inert. This allows waste products from treatment facilities to be used as fertilizer for crop production without risk of heavy metal contamination.
  • Bioremediation is used by cleaning companies to get tough grease stains out of carpets at restaurants. Special grease eating enzymes do what cleaning agents can't, and they do it without leaving a toxic residue.
  • Bioremediation is also used in crime scene cleanup. Blood and bodily fluids can present many risks if not handled properly. Enzyme cleaners offer a solution that is preferable to bleach and ammonia product

Bioremediation is nothing new. It is believed that this process of introducing living organisms in a beneficial way dates back to Roman times when it was used to treat collected waste water. It may go back even further. But in these modern times, microbiologists are finding new and inventive ways to use this process such as in the cleaning of drains in commercial facilities and businesses.

It may seem strange to call a pest control company to keep the grease, fats, and other organic matter from clogging up your drains, but drain clogs aren't just a sanitation issue. They can create breeding sites for pests. As a pest control company, breeding sites are an important focus for our team. That is why we offer drain cleaning services for our business customers.

If you own a business or commercial facility in South Portland, reach out to us. Big Blue Bug Solutions has the services you need to meet all government regulations and keep things running efficiently. Let our experienced and educated team get things flowing smoothly, and give you the options you need to keep invasive pests from tainting your brand and causing you problems. Our agents are standing by to assist.