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The Benefits Of Year Round Pest Control In South Portland, Maine

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Well, summer has finally arrived, and for those of us in South Portland, Maine, we understand just how short this season is. We are tempted to ease through these few short weeks with a carefree attitude soaking up as much sun as we possibly can before that inevitable first snowfall in late October or early November. However, we also know that we only have a few short weeks to prepare before that crisp air returns and fall rapidly appears. The pests that call Maine home realize this fact too; and while it may seem like we can relax and let our guard down, pest control is just as important, if not more important, during the summer months than during the other seasons of the year.

Pests in South Portland and throughout Maine don’t ever take a break. That’s a fact. They diligently work seeking food, water, and shelter twenty-four hours a day three hundred sixty-five days a year. You will never find an ant just kicking back on a beach blanket soaking up some rays. Rest assured if they are found on your blanket there is some tasty crumb of a morsel lodged upon it that it is working towards! - And how about those bees? Have you ever seen a bee slathering on sunscreen working toward that perfect tan? No, Never! Those bees are busy pollinating and preparing for the approaching winter. Termites are busy eating away wood, mice are busy having babies and searching for the perfect winter hideaway, mosquitoes are drawing blood to support their babies, ticks are biting, and the list goes on and on.

Since pests in South Portland, Maine, never take a break; neither should your pest control. The best way to ensure that you do not spend your fall, winter, and spring with pests is to protect your home or business during the summer too. Putting exclusion methods into place goes a long way in preventing an infestation, but when you place a protective barrier from a trusted pest control specialist like those here at Big Blue Bug Solutions around your home, you create a shield of defense that is practically impenetrable. And on that rare occasion that a pest does break through our defenses, we return to take care of the problem at no additional charge. Safety with a guarantee – Who could ask for more?

When you partner with Big Blue Bug Solutions for year-round pest control, you get the benefit of a company that has built a solid reputation for quality service, integrity, and dependability that is over 75 years strong. As a leader in the pest control industry, you know that you are receiving state-of-the-art technologies and products from educated, experienced professionals.

Summer is far too short here in Maine to spend it worrying about pests. Contact Big Blue Bug Solutions of South Portland today to see how affordable it is to protect your home and family from nuisance, destructive, and dangerous pests, and spend more of your time enjoying the few moments of sun!