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Fall Pest Prevention Tips For Rhode Island Homes

mouse near rhode island home

Ahh, fall. Isn't it beautiful? Just thinking about it makes most people happy. The brilliant colors softly drifting off the trees in a crisp autumn breeze, a crackling fire with marshmallows on a cool fall evening, cuddly little flea-infested mice and rats curled up in your nice warm attic… What? That last one doesn't make you happy? Well, if you would rather not have pests invading your home this fall, this article is the place to be. Read on to see how you can prevent fleas, mice, rats, and even stink bugs, from taking refuge from the cold inside your Rhode Island home.

Several prevention tips that may keep these creatures out of your home:

  • Mice and rats are drawn to a yard that has lots of clutter. And fleas are drawn to mice and rats. A cluttered yard provides rodents, and other animals, with protection from predators, so they are more likely to stick around if there is junk, toys, leaf piles and other discarded material to hide in. Reduce your clutter, and reduce the chances rodents will hang out on your property.
  • Rodents are also drawn to the smell, and the taste, of trash. Stink bugs as well. So if you store those trash cans inside a garage or shed, make certain they have tightly sealed lids. If you do, mice and rats and stink bugs will probably move on to another yard that has food available for them. Using the same logic, don't leave pet food, or leftover barbecue food, or any other food for that matter, in your yard.
  • Rats and mice love to hide in wood piles or stacked construction materials. Moving firewood and construction piles far away from your home will also move those animals that like to hide in them far away. Also, make sure to store these items up off the ground.
  • Stink bugs and rodents can get into your home through gaps and cracks. Carefully inspect your foundation, walls, and roof area for any opening where these creatures can squeeze through. Use a caulking gun to seal up any holes you find until you can get them properly fixed. Don't forget to inspect around where pipes, wires and other items enter the dwelling.
  • Stink bugs can get through rips in screens on doors and windows. And if the tear is large enough, so can mice, and even rats. Make sure all of your screens are present and in good working order.
  • Stink bugs are drawn to light. If you have outdoor lights, consider keeping them off at night, or replacing the bulbs with yellow, insect-resistant bulbs. Also, keeping your shades drawn at night will help reduce the light, and reduce the number of bugs being drawn to your home.

One prevention tip that is sure to keep these creatures out of your home:

Reaching out to Big Blue Bug Solutions and having a professional pest controller do a thorough inspection of your home, seal it up thoroughly, and apply a limited and targeted treatment, is sure to keep stink bugs and flea-infested rodents from entering your Rhode Island home. Get help today, and start enjoying your fall without pests.