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When the Rain Jackets Come Out, so do the Yellow Jackets

yellow jacket on nest

Few seasons are as beautiful as spring in South Portland. The flowers are in bloom, the leaves are exploding, and the rain jackets are out. Unfortunately, that means yellow jackets are out as well, and the things we enjoy about spring are the very things yellow jackets are looking for too. Unfortunately, it is time to look out for yellow jackets.

Is that a Yellow Jacket in my Yard?

People often mistake bees for yellow jackets. The yellow jacket is actually a wasp. Like bees, yellow jackets have black and yellow bodies, and wings, but that is where the similarities stop. Yellow jackets don’t have furry bodies like bees do. Bees also have rounded abdomens and longer rear legs. It doesn’t help that wasps are also pollinators.

Palate of the Yellow Jacket

When it’s spring in South Portland, it is time to feast. Yellow jackets pollinate the flowers that bloom in your yard, but they are also attracted to the foods you like too. When you sit outside and sip your sugary drink, yellow jackets are not far away. Yellow jackets feed on sugar, meat, and fish. Keep that in mind when you are outside. That means yellow jackets can be anywhere – your picnic table, near the garbage cans, swarming animal food, and scouting your garden.

Ways to Prevent Yellow Jackets

It is important that you prevent yellow jackets and get rid of them as soon as you spot them looking for a place to nest. Yellow jackets are dangerously aggressive, and they will sting anyone or anything they feel are threatening their nest. So, while you are outside enjoying the spring weather, you, your children, your pets, and your house guests can be attacked. The stinger on the yellow jacket is a barb that hooks in the skin. The sting is painful and can cause an allergic reaction.

To prevent yellow jacket attacks, try these tips.

  • Inspect the outside of your home to find the nest. Look high, low, above ground, and underground.
  • Cover your drinks and food when you are outside.
  • Keep trash cans closed and away from your home.
  • Set traps.
  • Remove any starter nests.
  • Deter yellow jackets that are trying to find a place to build a nest.
  • Call professionals.

Call Big Blue Bug Solutions to help you tackle your yellow jacket problem. Never forget that yellow jackets live in large colonies that are difficult to control alone. Only professionals can complete a thorough inspection to locate new or existing nests. Once the nest is identified, Big Blue Bug Solutions can safely remove the nest and control the yellow jacket population, but services don’t end there. With a year-round pest control plan, you can prevent yellow jackets and other pests from infesting your home or yard again.