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The Mosquitoes Are Coming

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If you live in New England, we don't have to tell you how bad mosquitoes are. You can probably describe, in vivid detail, one, or several times you've been attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. It might be a camping incident where you thought it would be no problem to start a campfire and cook some hot dogs in peace, only to realize that there was no peace to be had. You might recount a wedding reception where you stood in someone's backyard wiggling and twitching to keep the mosquitoes from staying on your skin. You may even have a story from your own backyard. If that is the case, there are a few things you should know.

The 4 Most Important Mosquito Facts You Should Know

  • You CAN influence how many bites you'll get in your backyard. It is surprising how many people think that mosquitoes are inevitable and that there isn't anything we can do about these irritating pests coming into our yards. This is actually not true. You can make your backyard a whole lot nicer by signing up for an ongoing mosquito reduction service.
  • Mosquitoes don't travel very far. On average, mosquitoes won't travel more than 300 yards in their entire life. This is especially true of the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, which are the most significant vectors for West Nile, Zika, and other mosquito-borne viruses. The bites you'll get in your backyard during this year's mosquito season are likely to be bites from mosquitoes that were birthed on or near your property. Misting service and breeding site reduction make an incredible impact on mosquito populations.
  • Mosquito reduction service is the front line defense national health agencies use to control the spread of mosquito-borne viruses. It is a control method that has a systemic effect on mosquito vectors. When you take part in mosquito abatement, you don't just protect your own family, you protect your community. And, since some pathogens, like Zika virus, can be transmitted in more ways than just by mosquito bite, it is vital that we all do our part.
  • There is a lot of apathy regarding mosquito bites and human pathogens. We've all been bitten by lots of mosquitoes and we've never died. Right? Yes. But, there is a good chance you've gotten something you thought was the flu or the common cold that was spread to you by a mosquito. And, no one knows when an outbreak of something dangerous will occur.

Mosquitoes are more than irritating pests, and you CAN influence how many mosquitoes are in your backyard. For more information or to get your mosquito reduction service in place, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions today.