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How Can Drain Cleaning Help My Business


A typical day in most commercial kitchens can see orders for hundreds of different meals for hungry patrons. The staff in all types of restaurants from the local diner to a 5 Star local favorite spot go about their day prepping and cooking each meal made to order the same way. Over the course of the day that can create a lot of messes that have to be cleaned up. At the end of their shift, you can usually count on a conscientious chef leaving their kitchen as spotless as the day it was built.

But, there are a lot of hidden places in a commercial kitchen that might not get daily attention; places where grease and particles of food can gather. Those areas (such as the walk-in, under and around appliances, or holding and cooling racks) can all become a breeding ground for bacteria and pests like flies, and they can attract other pests like roaches and ants. This is a fact that most restaurants and hotels know quite well, and kitchen managers will typically make sure that these areas are cleaned on a regular basis, but what about the drains?

The drainage from a commercial kitchen in the floors or sinks collects a ton of bacteria and build-up from all the food and grease that gets washed off plates in the sink or dishwasher and from the constant clean up. As careful as the staff tries to be, there is no way to avoid it. Even when the staff is doing their regular maintenance of these areas, there is no way to avoid the junk inside the drain that they cannot see or reach. This build-up, even in the cleanest of kitchens, is the first place that pests are going to head for a quick bite of the greasy food they find or to lay their eggs for a whole new generation of pests that can quickly invade a business.

Big Blue Bug Solutions is pleased to be able to offer professional drain cleaning services to our commercial clients. With this service, we can help eliminate and maintain problem drains that can become the host of so many pests and that can become the source of odor-causing bacterial problems, including hard-to-remove greasy build up. With our quarterly eco-friendly drain cleaning system, you can make the hidden areas of your commercial kitchen as clean as the parts you can see. Give us a call today!