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Opossum Prevention Tips


Opossums may be the size of an average house cat, but their distinctive pointy pink nose and rows of sharp pointy teeth are sure to give away their true identity. They can weigh as little as 4 pounds or as much as 15 and can be up to 20 inches long, with gray to black fur.

They are the only native species of marsupial in the United States and are connected to the term “playing possum” because of the way they can go into a death-like state when they are afraid. Opossums are a common wildlife creature that can create a nuisance for home and business owners as they look for things they need to survive like food, water, and shelter - things that your property, home, or business can easily provide.

While opossums look ominous and scary, they are known to bite only if threatened or cornered. They will hiss and growl with their impressive sharp teeth, but they are usually peaceful, shy animals that like to be left alone. More importantly, however, is that they can carry and transmit a variety of diseases like tularemia, leptospirosis, murine typhus, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and many more. If you see any sign of opossums on your property, you will need a pest control professional to take care of removing them for you before they can do any damage or transmit any diseases to you, your family, or your pets.

If opossums are present on your property, you may clearly see them because they are sloth-like slow, sluggish pests. They can be seen digging through gardens, composts, lawns, and trash barrels as they forage for food. Pets, especially dogs, may bark more at night if they hear them digging around in yards and barrels.

If you want to prevent opossums from becoming a problem, you will need to make your home less attractive to them. You can block off any areas where opossums may find shelter like attics, outbuildings, and underneath porches. Cover your trash barrels with tight-fitting lids and store them away from your home or securely inside a closed building. Putting a fence around composting and gardens can also help, but it is unrealistic to fence your entire property to avoid these varmints. The best solution is to have them removed humanely by professionals to avoid damage and dangerous diseases.

Professionally trained wildlife control experts can be contacted at Big Bug Solutions in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine. Opossums can be very dangerous; do not try to attempt to capture them on your own. Let us take control of your opossum problems so you can enjoy your property again.