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Tips To Avoid A Stinky Mess

skunk found in south portland

South Portland is up against a lot of tough pests. These pests can ruin homes and cost homeowners thousands in repairs. The truth is, that some pests are tougher than others, and when it comes to skunks, they are arguably one of the toughest. Skunks, well known for the strong and unpleasant smell that they emit, are also known to be pretty hard on properties and to carry disease as well. Below is a look at the damages skunks can cause, why you should not try to get rid of skunks yourself, and the avenues you can take should you find one invading your property.

Did you know that a skunk’s spray can reach up to 10 feet?! That is just the spray itself, but the smell….. The smell can take over an entire neighborhood! It’s likely you have been driving down the road and noticed the unmistakable smell of a skunk taking over the cab of the vehicle. Should a skunk spray in or around your yard, that smell can easily take over your home too, and can tend to linger for quite a while. As you all know, not only is it strong, it is extremely hard to get rid of.

Skunks are also very destructive pests. They are known to dig through gardens and trash and often enjoy eating the food you put out for your pets or for less unpleasant wildlife. Skunks have no concern for the mess and will happily leave trash strewn throughout your yard. Once a skunk relates a place to providing food, it will be substantially harder to get rid of. More serious still, one of the problems you face with skunks is rabies. Skunks have been known to carry rabies and can easily infect a victim with a scratch or bite. Not only does an infected skunk present a danger to the people in the home, it also presents a danger to pets.

Physically removing a skunk is a terrible idea for obvious reasons. You risk being bitten and sprayed, and if the skunk is not relocated far enough away, it is likely to just return. Trying to get rid of skunks on your own is very dangerous, and should you find one on your property, your best bet will be to call for professional control. To help deter skunks, here are a few tips that can work:

  • Store trash in cans that have tight-fitting lids
  • Don’t store pet foods outside and if you do make sure they are sealed tightly
  • Pick up uneaten food that pets leave behind if they are fed outdoors
  • Keep things like gardens and mulch piles away from the exterior of your home
  • Make sure openings like ducts and vents, that skunks could enter through, are properly sealed and maintained

Big Blue Bug Solutions can help with your skunk problem, and to start we offer a free wildlife inspection. By providing the free inspection, it allows our pest control professionals to determine exactly what they are up against for pests, assess the property for damage and conditions encouraging the pests to come around, and come up with an action plan specific to your home. Methods we use to remove skunks as a pest threat include live trapping, exclusion, simple habitat modification, and catch-and-release programs. With access to both common tools and specialty devices, we have everything it takes to get rid of skunks. We can also provide pest-proofing material such as chimney caps, roof vent guards and attic vent screens to reassure you that skunks are not getting in the future.

Should you end up with skunks, leave them be! Call Big Blue Bug Solutions today and let us help! If you have questions, reach out and one of our wildlife control professionals will be happy to answer them! Don’t get caught in a stinky mess!