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Problems Voles Cause To Pawtucket Properties

vole up close

Voles are cute little critters that invade our yards and can cause terrible problems for homeowners if left unchecked. If you were to ever see a vole, they are mouse-like rodents, but looks aside they have little in common. Unlike mice, voles do not usually move indoors. Voles are active both day and night and are year-round pests. They have small beady eyes, short legs, and a short furry tail. They range in size from 5-8 inches in length including its tail and they are commonly brownish to black in color.

Voles are known to dig shallow tunnels underground for the nests that they make from grass and leaves. They don’t mind snowy winters because they can burrow right through the deep snow, and they can cause a lot of damage to properties and lawns even in the winter. They are known to feed on a variety of plants in gardens and on many varieties of landscapes. In particular, they will gnaw off the outer bark of trees just below the snow line, causing it to wither and die. One indication that voles have invaded your yard is a series of runways about 2” wide that go from burrow to burrow, which can also cause a lawn to wilt or turn yellow. Voles are pests, but even though they have teeth, they will rarely bite. However, if they were to be cornered or threatened they are capable of biting. The danger to humans is how they can spread disease by transmitting bacteria and parasites with their bodies, urine, and feces.

Due to their underground nature and their tunnels and burrows, they are very hard to eradicate. The way to keep voles from your property is to keep your lawn, landscapes, and vegetation trimmed on a regular basis. Get rid of weeds, litter piles, and ground cover, as well as make sure mulch is 3’ away from the base of all trees. However, the best course of action is to call on a professional pest control service for complete elimination and prevention.

Big Blue Bug Solutions in the Pawtucket, Rhode Island area are experts that can help homeowners rid their yards of voles that are feeding and living in the ground. Our professional technicians can inspect your property and target areas where voles are active and humanely eliminate them for you.

Call us at Big Blue Bug Solutions in Pawtucket, RI, at the first sign of voles living on your property to prevent major problems and damages.