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Spring Pests To Be Looking Out For In Augusta

carpenter ant up close in Augusta

You look out the window and see bright sunshine and green grass for the first time in what seems like forever. The outside air has a hint of warmth to it and your mood instantly boosts. It’s the beginning of spring in Augusta. The return of the warm weather is just around the corner. While this is a great thing, it also means the return of pests that were absent for the winter. Warm weather gives rise to all sorts of pests that can be damaging to your property, dangerous to your family and pets, or just a nuisance to have in the house. Below is an overview of what pests to keep an eye out for and how they can cause problems.

Carpenter Ants

These ants are slightly larger than normal ants and pose a serious property risk. Carpenter ants get their name from the way they excavate the wood in your home to make a nest. Unlike termites, they don’t eat the wood but weaken it by making tunnels and nests in it. You can spot these ants often by small piles of sawdust left behind by their burrowing and their reddish front with a black back. Prompt professional removal is necessary so that your home’s structure is not damaged. 


While most spiders found in Augusta don’t pose any serious health or property risks, no one wants spiders in their home. Wolf spiders, jumping spiders, and orb weaver spiders are particularly common species found in this area. If you notice that there are many spiders in your home or find yourself constantly killing them, professional removal may be necessary. 


Flies are a nuisance and also carry disease with them. The warmer summer months bring flies out in abundance anywhere there is food. Flies are a pain to get rid of and can be very frustrating. 


Ticks are common in Augusta and are a health risk. If bitten by a tick, a person can contract Lyme disease, which has potentially fatal problems. Although ticks in the home are not common they can be brought in on clothing or pets after being outdoors. They can be identified by their 8 legs and characteristic oval body. They can move freely but are often burrowed head first into the skin and may be surrounded by a red inflamed site. 

Get Protected

As pests come back with the warm weather it’s a great idea to start thinking about year-round pest control services. Keeping pests at bay around the calendar makes it less likely to need costly services in spring and summer. Give us a call today to learn more about our residential pest control services.