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Problems Stink Bugs Cause In Yards And Gardens In Southern Maine

stink bug on a piece of wood

Now that it’s fall in South Portland, homeowners will begin noticing that a variety of pests are trying to make their way inside their homes to avoid the chilly weather. Pests and humans are a lot alike in this respect: we all want to spend more time inside as the temperatures drop. However, although pests don’t mind cohabitating with us, we surely don’t want to open our homes to them.

One of the more common pests that residents of South Portland see this time of year are stink bugs. What exactly are stink bugs? They are one of those pests that as soon as they are described you can usually remember seeing them hanging around. They have brown and tan bodies and patches of copper or blue-metallic on their heads. The unique triangle shape of their backs has granted them the nickname “shield bug” as it looks (and functions) similarly to a shield. These pests are able to thrive in the Southern Maine climate in the late summer and fall because they find their way inside our homes to seek shelter from the cooler weather. Basically, they move inside our homes for the winter, then as soon as spring hits, they move back outdoors. This makes them a year-round problem.

Stink bugs live up to their names. They release a foul-smelling odor from the glands located under their thorax, when they feel threatened or when they are squished. Besides this obvious nuisance, they are considered an agricultural pest because of the damage they cause to plants and farm crops. You’ll usually find them congregating in large numbers on the warmer, sunny sides of your home. Now, stink bugs aren’t considered dangerous as they don’t bite or sting, but they are extremely annoying for homeowners to have to deal with, especially if you try to handle the problem on your own.

Stink bugs can be difficult to control and eliminate because of the sheer fact that they tend to populate in large numbers. Your best bet as a homeowner is to contact the pest control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We service South Portland and offer effective solutions to manage and eliminate stink bugs, as well as other pests that try to invade homes this fall. Our Home Owner's Policy offers homeowners the protection they need throughout the entire year and is guaranteed to be successful.

For the sake of you and your home, contact us today to take action this fall!