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What Can I Do About Wasps, Bees, And Yellow Jackets Around My New England Home?

an angry hornet protecting its nest on a new England property during a late summer day

Stinging insects are still busy causing problems around New England homes during late summer. Bees, wasps, and yellow jackets are a nuisance and can become more problematic as summer winds down. There are steps homeowners should take in late summer to mitigate their risk of getting stung, as much as possible. However, when dealing with stinging insects, the best step is to leave it to the professionals. Big Blue Bug Solutions is your answer in New England. We are safer and more effective than DIY methods of removal and more cost-effective, as well.

Why are stinging insects still active?     

Late summer in New England is ideal for stinging insects. Flowers are in bloom everywhere, which gives the bees and wasps plenty of food. The days are still long and the evenings still warm. This gives the stinging pests plenty of time to continue with their days' activities of building their colonies and protecting their queens. 

Why does late summer activity cause more problems?  

By the end of summer, if a nest has been left to grow, there can be hundreds, if not thousands, of stinging insects inside. Colonies become overcrowded, which causes lots of activity in and around the nest. If you come across one of these busy nests you need to leave it alone and get away quickly.     

What steps can homeowners take to avoid getting stung?    

One of the biggest things New England homeowners can do to avoid getting stung is to leave nests alone. Messing with angry stinging insects is not worth the risk of getting stung repeatedly. Another thing you can do is to be mindful of areas where stinging insects like to build nests and watch for them. Check overhangs, under railings of decks, in tree stumps, in fire pits and grills, under your patio furniture, inside porch umbrellas, under picnic tables, and even around swing sets and playhouses. If you look before you sit, reach, touch, or open, you can avoid many stings.                          

Why is professional treatment the best option?

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, our trained technicians have the proper gear and techniques to keep us protected from the dangers of stinging insects in New England. We can help you identify the particular type of stinging insect that is causing you problems and safely destroy, remove, or relocate the nest. We can work with you on year-round solutions to keep these pests from coming back and ruining your outdoor fun. Contact us to help you keep your New England home free from wasps, yellow jackets, and bees!