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How Woodchucks, Voles, Moles, And Opossums Damage New England Yards

mole mole creating a lot of damage in new england yard

After a lengthy winter, most of us are more than ready for the warm weather that spring provides. We’re not the only ones. New England wildlife has managed to survive the worst elements Mother Nature could throw at them and they’re ready for a break. Unfortunately for homeowners, spring typically provides the perfect opportunity for wildlife such as woodchucks, voles, moles, and opossums to invade and do damage to New England yards.


Woodchucks wreak havoc on lawns because of the holes they dig. They burrow underground to get from place to place and their dens are underground as well. If they decide that your lawn provides a good source of food, you’ll end up with a compromised lawn full of holes and areas that sink in when walked upon.

Voles and Moles

Voles and moles are similar in size and appearance, but they have different habits. Voles eat plants, which means your garden will be very appealing to them. Moles eat grubs, worms, and other underground insects.

They both dig underground, but with different results. While moles leave tell-tale molehills behind every time they pop up out of the ground, voles tunnel just below the surface of the ground, leaving a trail that is noticeable from above.


Opossums will be attracted to your property if you have readily available food sources, like open garbage containers or compost piles. Once they move in, look out! Although they’d rather avoid confrontation, even playing dead if they think it’ll get someone to leave them alone, they will bite if they feel cornered.

Furthermore, if they decide to settle under your porch or in your shed, you’ll have a difficult time trying to get rid of them, especially if they have babies.

How to Get Rid of Wildlife From Your New England Yard

You know the time and effort that goes into maintaining a nice-looking yard, so the last thing you want is to have any of these pests show up on your property and do damage to the hard work you’ve done.

If you’ve seen any of these pests or any signs that they’re around, Big Blue Bug Solutions can help. We offer a number of wildlife control options that are both safe and effective at eliminating wildlife from your yard. Attempting to get rid of wildlife on your own can be dangerous and is usually ineffective. Give Big Blue Bug Solutions a call to learn more about our services and find out which is right for you.