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How To Tell If Meadow Voles Have Invaded Your New England Property

a grey meadow vole digging up a tunnel through out a new england yard

For many homeowners, having a beautiful lawn is very important. After all, nothing is worse than having guests notice your hedges need to be trimmed and your grass could be shorter, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, there is something much worse for the appearance of your lawn than wilted flowers and overgrown hedges, and that something is vole damage.

What Does Vole Damage Look Like?

  • Tunneling

Voles are small rodents known for their mouse-like appearance and their tendency to tunnel through meadows, fields, and lawns. Voles are commonly mistaken for moles, as they both primarily damage lawns, and have similar sounding names. While voles may sometimes use tunnels that were dug by moles, the tunnels that voles actually dig are not raised like mole tunnels. Instead, these tunnels create ugly brown patches across your lawn where the grass has withered.

  • Chewing On Plants

Being a type of rodent, voles constantly chew to keep their teeth worn down. This means that trees and shrubs are often targeted, and if voles chew these plants enough, they will eventually die. Gardens are also common targets for voles looking for a tasty meal, but their damage can be hard to identify since they typically only eat the roots.

What is Attracting Voles to Your Property?

When it comes to voles on your property, it’s usually not because of anything you are doing wrong as a homeowner. More often, voles are simply attracted to properties that provide them with what they need to survive and live comfortably. Garden plants, fruit trees, and crops are major attractants for voles, as well as properties close to parks and golf courses. Voles prefer to infest properties that are wide open, giving them plenty of space to tunnel and forage for food. To keep voles away from your property, the most effective solution is reaching out to a professional pest control expert for the help you need.

How Big Blue Can Help

Here at Big Blue Bug Solutions, we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide excellent customer service and effective pest treatments for homeowners in need. No matter what pest problem you’re dealing with, the pest professionals here at Big Blue have the skills and tools needed to inspect, identify, and treat your property effectively. When voles are destroying your lawn, we will work with you to find a treatment solution that best fits your pest control needs. Contact us today for a free wildlife inspection, or to ask about our other pest control options!