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What's Attracting Silverfish To My New England Home?

a log and leggy silverfish crawling along the pages of a closed book

Finding any home-invading pest on your New England property can be alarming. With the stress of everyday life, no one needs the added stress of a pest infestation. Unfortunately, pests are a part of life whether we like it or not, and chances are we'll all have to deal with one at one point or another. Silverfish are a common insect found throughout the New England area and are classified as a nuisance pest. These small tear-shaped insects do not bite, scratch, or spread disease like many other home-invading pests, but silverfish can still cause some stressful problems if they infest your property.

What Problems Do Silverfish Cause?

Silverfish primarily cause problems in New England homes by feeding on materials and leaving unsightly holes in belongings. Silverfish are typically only active during the night, which can make it even more difficult to identify when you have a silverfish infestation. These tiny nocturnal insects become active once we are sound asleep to begin feeding on family photos, newspapers, clothing, wallpaper, and other starch-based materials. If silverfish have infested your home, it may also be an indicator of a serious moisture problem on your property, as silverfish depend on high humidity and moisture to survive.

Why Are Silverfish In My Home?

When silverfish invade, they are usually searching for two things: food and high humidity. Humidity provides both warmth and moisture, which are very important factors for silverfish to survive. If your home provides the perfect climate for a silverfish infestation as well as plenty of food, silverfish will not hesitate to invade. Many homeowners make the mistake of not repairing leaky fixtures as soon as possible, which can increase the likelihood that silverfish will become a problem in your home.

If silverfish have become an issue in your New England home, reach out to the certified pest experts here at Big Blue Bug Solutions to handle your pest problem efficiently. Silverfish are almost impossible to get rid of on your own, which is why our team of pest professionals has been trained to effectively inspect, identify, and treat homes for silverfish infestations. Don’t let silverfish overrun your property. Get professional help from Big Blue!