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The Little Ant That Could Be Causing Big Damage To Your Worcester Home

a carpenter ant crawling along a wooden beam inside of a worcester massachusetts home

The ants go marching two by two – straight into your home! 

Carpenter ants are large black insects with a sweet tooth for any moisture-damaged wood they can find. These are some of the largest ants you’ll see in New England, often measuring seven to twelve millimeters in length. Spotting a solitary large black ant in your home signifies scouting ants hunting for food, searching through their territory for any undiscovered food. If you notice several of these ants around your home, you may have a bigger problem than you realize. 

Carpenter ant swarmers are winged ants that appear during the spring season to look for places to build new nests. Finding them on the inside of your windows is almost certainly a sign that a mature infestation is taking place within your house, spelling destruction for your property. The onset of wood damage from these pests is easily identifiable due to the presence of sawdust or frass that is kicked out of the carpenter ants' burrowing holes. 

Anti-Ant Methods 

Carpenter ants may be crafty, but the preventative measures you choose to enact might mean the difference between infestation and an ant-free home

  • Clean up all food messes promptly, keeping trash sealed up in appropriate bins.
  • Seal cracks in walls, floors, and foundations as soon as you spot them. If the damage is too severe for you to deal with alone, consider hiring a trustworthy local repairman.
  • Check for gaps around door and window screens. Updating the mesh is always a good idea, especially if your screens are brittle or old.
  • Expansion joints and the openings around utility pipes and wires are common areas to spot carpenter ant infestations. Food and water sources may have a line of ants or signs of ants in plain sight. 

It’s important to remember that carpenter ant infestations can still manifest even after preventative measures are put in place. If that’s the case, reaching out to your local pest control guru will be the best and most effective ant elimination method. 

Stop the Ant-pocalypse 

Carpenter ants are prolific pests that can quickly infiltrate homes across New England. Worchester homeowners who are experiencing severe infestations may fear the worst, expecting property damage, sagging wood, and costly interior repairs. For help in dealing with carpenter ant infestations or to get more advice on protecting your property, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions 

Big Blue Bug is proud to offer RI, MA, CT, and ME some of the best service and pest products in the industry. Call us today to schedule your complimentary home inspection and learn more about how our pest control solutions can work best for you.