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The Stinky Pests Feeding On New England Crops

a stink buf crawling along a new england wooden fence surrounding crops that are about to destroyed

Gardeners, farmers, and homeowners alike are preparing their properties against these destructive and flat-bodied insects.

Stink bugs may look like the common kissing bug or west conifer seed bug, but these Asia natives are brown, shield-shaped insects with small brown markings on their abdomen. While these insects are more likely to be found in your yard or garden, they can sometimes find their way into your home.      

There is much debate on whether or not a stink bug actually stinks. Some people think that the secreted liquid from their abdomen is absolutely foul-smelling, while others say it smells like a spice such as cilantro. Regardless of the odor, these insects really do stink as gardeners. Stink bugs cause considerable damage to a wide variety of crops and flowers, especially fruit and vegetable plants. Whether or not you're a gardener, stink bugs may still be drawn to your home, and they do not make good houseguests. 

Stop the Stinkers 

Keeping all stink bugs out of your home and off your plants may not be possible, but following these simple tips can go a long way towards keeping your property stink-free.

  • Repair damaged screens as soon as the damage is discovered. Installing screens or vents over areas of your home previously unguarded may protect against many more insects than just stink bugs. 
  • Repair cracks, fissures, or gaps in the foundation or siding of the house. 
  • Use soapy water or spicy peppers blended into milk as an effective spray for garden plants. Stink bugs don’t like soap or hot spice in their mouths and will leave your plants alone. Reapplication after heavy rain may be necessary for successful long-term results. 
  • While not in use, keep all doors to your home, garage, and outdoor sheds sealed tightly.

Stink bugs may still appear around your home in some capacity, even if all preventative measures have been enacted. For help uncovering the root of the issue, schedule a free no-obligation home inspection with a trusted pest control technician. 

Let the Big Blue Bug Rescue Your Yard 

Stink bugs often swarm homes and properties in large numbers when temperatures start to drop in the fall, proving that their removal can be a difficult task. For help cutting down their numbers and establishing controls to keep them out for good, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions, your New England experts on all things stink bug. 

For more than 80 years, our iconic pest control for the residents in our service area has been nothing less than extraordinary. Give us a call today to learn more about our pest control methods, and discover why Big Blue Bug is consistently ranked as the number one pest control company in the region.