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6 Easy Tips To Keep Wildlife Away From Your Connecticut Property

canadian geese on a lawn

When outsiders picture Connecticut, they might picture a winter wonderland. However, they don’t realize that people actually live here. And yes, we do, in fact, have all four seasons. Summer, fall, and spring are just as scenic and just as enjoyable. Only, they tend to come with a few more four-legged invaders.

To deal with the wildlife that’s going to plague your property throughout the year, let’s get to know some of the most common (and most problematic) wildlife in our area:

  • Snakes: With 2 kinds of poisonous snakes in the area out of 12 total native species, you don’t want to deal with these slithering yard invaders. The ones to watch out for are the copperhead and the timber rattlesnake.
  • Bats: Known carriers of rabies, these nocturnal creatures will attack if they wind up in your attic or stuck in a room with you after flying through a vent, chimney, or open window. You may not even feel a bat bite you before it has transferred this disease to you.
  • Raccoons: These grey and black yard-invaders will hop your fence to gain access to any trash they can get their hands on. Having one in your house can lead to a dangerous situation if it gets cornered in an attic.
  • Squirrels: These rodents are usually accepted on most properties, but they’re a danger to your bird feeders (and your roof). If squirrels try to get into your attic, they can tear up roof shingles or enlarge any existing holes and ruin insulation.
  • Geese: when geese nest in or near your yard, you might wind up coming too close, invoking a hostile reaction from them (which, surprisingly enough, can be very dangerous). They’ll also litter your yard with feces, ruining outdoor fun (and sneakers) very easily.

Prevention Practices

Living near the woods may seem great, but you have to be extra cognizant of the dangers, diseases, and damage that nearby wildlife can bring to your property. Unfortunately, these pests can get over most fences and circumvent most barricades, making them incredibly difficult to keep out. Instead, your focus should be on removing or reducing the factors that will attract them on to your property in the first place. By sticking with the following six tips, you may be able to enjoy your backyard without worrying about unwanted guests:

  • Clean up the clutter. Too much clutter in a yard, like woodpiles, brush, messy shrubs, and junk, will allow animals to move around from hiding place to hiding place. Open, organized spaces are far more intimidating to them.
  • Remove any food sources in the yard. This includes pet food or birdseed that may attract a variety of animals.
  • Secure outdoor trash cans. Most animals, like raccoons and rodents, would love to dive into your trash or even chew through your cans.
  • Make sure you have metal trash bins with tightly secured lids if wildlife is disturbing your trash.
  • Trim back your trees that make climbing over fences or onto your roof easier.
  • Seal up any potential entry points into your attic to prevent easy access.

Now, let’s take a momentary pause. These are fine tips, and they’ll help you prevent animals from entering your property. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to mother nature. That’s why tip number six, the last and most important tip, is to contact Big Blue Bug Solutions for assistance. Dealing with wildlife yourself can be very dangerous, and repelling wildlife on your own will be largely unsuccessful.

Go with the method that gets it done right the first time: call Big Blue Bug Solutions today.