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The Best Way To Keep Your South Portland Property Pest-Free In 2020

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There are many ways bugs and wildlife can be an issue in South Portland and in Southern Maine. We have pests that get into our garbage and spread it all over our yards. We have pests that build nests on the rooflines of our properties and sting us when we're trying to mow our lawns. We have pests that chew on the wood of our homes, and these holes make entry points for all the other pests that don't chew on wood. There are spiders to contend with in our basements, there are rodents in our attics, there are ants in our walls, and more. Around our homes, there are ticks and fleas for our pets to pick up and bring in with them. And nothing can ruin an outdoor event like a bunch of mosquitoes. Are you tired of dealing with Southern Maine pests? We're with ya! Here is our annual Homeowner's Guide for pest prevention. Follow the hyperlink to see last year's guide.

What do pests want?

Understanding why pests come into your yard and why they get into your home is key to keeping them out. The fewer pests you have near your home, the lower your chances of a pest infestation will be.


Every animal needs a drink. If you have puddles near your home, you will invite pests in close to your exterior walls. Removing conditions that allow puddles to form can reduce pests.

  • Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean and in good working order.
  • Loosen up compacted ground to allow rainwater to soak in.
  • Create gradients to allow rainwater to run off.


Some animals don't just need a drink, they require damp conditions in order to survive. If you have a dry perimeter, it is more difficult for pests to live near your home and inside your landscaping.

  • Trim trees to allow the sunlight to dry your landscaping after watering or after rainstorms.
  • Put spacing between the plants in your landscaping to help with the airflow that dries topsoil.
  • Inside your home, consider installing dehumidifiers and fans to reduce humidity.


There are many foods that can lure pests into your yard. Some of them may surprise you. Remove food options and protect food sources to reduce pests in your yard.

  • Trash. Keep all your trash in cover receptacles.
  • Birdseed. This food source lures rodents to your home.
  • Plants. The more plants you have, the more mosquitoes, wasps, hornets and other pests that sting.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Protect food sources with fencing. Make sure the fencing goes at least a foot below the ground to prevent burrowing animals from getting under.
  • Grass, grubs and earthworms. There isn't much you can do about this one. Your lawn attracts some pests no matter what you do. But you can monitor for changes in the condition of your lawn or for the formation of holes in your yard to take quick action and prevent damage and personal injury.
  • Bugs. It is a pest-eat-pest world out there. Everything you do to control bugs on your property will reduce pests. One example is keeping the lights off at night to reduce flies and the spiders that eat them.


You would be amazed how many pests come into your yard simply because you have great hiding places. Bugs like to hide in the shade underneath objects in your yard. Insects get into wood piles and other organic harborage sources. Rodent hide in anything that has a void inside. The more you can do to remove clutter and reduce protective cover, the less inviting your yard will be.

  • Pick up toys left out in the yard.
  • Remove brush and leaf piles from your property.
  • Move construction materials to at least 20 feet from your home.
  • Your home is a harborage for pests. Be sure to inspect your exterior and seal any entry points you find. Also, trim tree branches away from your roofline to stop pests from getting onto your roof.

Year-Round Pest Control

If you're looking for the best pest control this year, let the team here at Big Blue Bug Solutions help. We provide industry-leading residential pest control in Southern Maine. When pests come onto your property to threaten your family, we let them know they're not welcome. Get your protection in place today.