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What You May Not Know About Winter Spiders In Your South Portland Home

spider crawling on a counter

If you see a spider in your home this winter, you might be tempted to think that it got into your home to find shelter from the cold. Would you be surprised if we told you that spiders don't have to hide from the cold, that they are born with a natural antifreeze that protects them from freezing to death? It true! Spiders can survive temperatures below freezing. They don't have to hide in your home to survive. So why are you seeing spiders in the winter? Here are a few reasons to consider.

Spiders Have Been In Your Home For Awhile

Every home that does not have a quality pest control plan has spiders in it. It is nearly impossible to seal your home enough to keep spiders out. When they get inside, they stay in secluded locations, such as cellars, basements, attics, storage rooms and wall voids. Once in awhile, they'll come out into your common areas and create webs. You may see webs in your kitchen because there are often flying insects in kitchens. You may see webs in your bathroom because spiders (and other bugs) like the moisture in bathrooms. At any time during the winter, spiders or spider webs can appear. It is usually because the spiders are looking for a bite to eat, not because they just got into your home.

Your Home Is Where The Food Is

While spiders can tolerate the cold, most insects cannot. This drives insects into South Portland homes in the fall. If insects got into your home this fall, it is possible that spiders followed them. They go where there is food. A home that has lots of insects is likely to have lots of spiders as well. This may be the reason you're seeing spiders in your home this winter.

Spider Control

What can you do about winter spider infestations? You could do nothing. That's what many Mainers do. The spiders we have here in Maine are not considered poisonous. If you can deal with creepy arachnids crawling around your home at night, giving you an occasional bite and an itchy red welt, you don't have to do anything. If you're thinking, "Um. No thanks!" then we can help you get rid of those spiders and keep new spiders from getting into your home. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we offer many solutions for pests that bug South Portland residents, including spiders.

"Can I control spiders myself?"

Getting control of spiders in your home is a process that is best accomplished by a licensed and experienced pest management professional, especially in the winter. Spiders are hard to control without the use of pest control products, and chemicals can be dangerous when improper products are used or applied in the wrong areas. If this were spring, summer or fall, there would be several suggestions we could make. We would recommend some ideas for reducing insects inside your home, addressing areas of moisture, sealing entry points in your exterior and other natural methods for spider management.

Spider Control

If you're concerned about spiders in your South Portland home, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our team of expertly trained pest management professionals uses field-tested spider control methods, EPA approved products, and natural monitoring and control devices to track spider activity and eliminate spiders. If you have questions or if you'd like to schedule service, connect with us today. When it comes to controlling bugs, you can trust the Big Blue Bug! We'll help you get the results you're looking for.