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The Problems Squirrels Can Bring To Your Milford Property

A gray squirrel standing on a fence

Identifying Squirrels

One might generally describe squirrels as small, gray rodents with bushy tails. There are, however, other characteristics that help you identify squirrels. Squirrels can come in various colors, including gray, red, yellow, white, brown, or black. 

Their bodies tend to be slim in size, and you can’t miss their large, black eyes that seem to stare you down any chance they get. If you happen to see them standing still in one place, you might also notice that they stand with a hunched back while entirely on their hind legs. 

You might be thinking, “What harm could these small, beautiful creatures do to my property?” You might even attempt to feed them and keep them around. The truth is, squirrels can cause more damage than you might realize.

Dangers That Squirrels Present For Milford Homeowners

The fact that squirrels are classified as rodents means that they do have the constant need to chew, feed, make a home, and are prone to carrying dangerous diseases that can harm you and your pets. When the need to find shelter arises, squirrels may opt to make your home their home. 

Once inside your home or nesting around your property, squirrels can easily damage electrical wiring, telephone lines, insulation and cause quite a bit of noise when rustling inside of your walls. Not to mention, they can present harm to your health if you come into contact with them. It is best to always seek medical attention if a squirrel has bitten you. 

Big Blue Bug Solutions’ Tips To Protect Your Milford, CT Home

No one wants to have their home overtaken by squirrels, and Big Blue Bug Solutions has the tips and tricks to safeguard your property. We also provide professional pest control for squirrel problems. Follow these tips to protect your property from the harmful effects of squirrels. 

  • Make sure you cover or seal any and all possible entry points to your home. Be sure to remember to regularly check crawl spaces, your roof, and your basement. It would help to make sure any chimneys and fireplaces are appropriately covered so that large pests like squirrels cannot gain access to your home. 
  • Keep your kitchen organized and clean. This includes proper storage of food and regular removal of any and all trash. Keep as much food as you can store away in sealed containers or cabinets. 
  • Keep tree limbs and shrubbery cut back from your roof and the side of your home. These nesting areas with long extensions can provide easy access for squirrels to find entry. It is recommended that tree limbs be cut at least six feet from your roofline. 
  • Reduce access to bird feeders, both hanging and posted in the yard. This supply of resources will only attract more squirrels, especially if they have easy access. 

Following these recommendations will ultimately help safeguard your Milford property from the damaging effects that squirrels can present. 

Reach Out To Big Blue Bug Solutions For Your Squirrel Infestation Needs

For more than 80 years, Big Blue Bug Solutions has protected New England homes and commercial properties from various threats that pests pose. If you find yourself dealing with a squirrel problem or another pest issue, reach out to us and ask about our one-time or recurring pest control options. We will inspect your home and come up with a customized plan that works for your pest problem. Call us today to learn more!