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The Best Way To Keep Moles From Living In Your Southern Maine Yard

moles digging up yard

Many people might think moles are cute, but mole control is especially important if you want your yard to be healthy and in good shape. In fact, they’re one of the many reasons people seek professional pest control in southern Maine. These rodents can quickly turn into horrible yard pests and destroy your grass and gardens if left uninterrupted. Read on to learn more about how to deter these pests, how to tell if you have an infestation, and how Big Blue Bug Solutions can help your yard be mole-free today.

Identifying If You Have Moles In Your Yard

Controlling moles is essential to having a happy, healthy yard. If you have a mole infestation, the signs will be all over your lawn. Below are the most common signs that you have a mole infestation:

  • Raised ridges: If you are seeing raised ridges that make criss-cross patterns across your yard, this is evidence of mole activity.
  • Discolored or dead grass: Patches of dead or discolored grass is another sign that moles are at work in your lawn.
  • Loose soil in your lawn: Areas of loose or even squishy soil in your grass is another sign that moles are present.
  • Molehills: If you’re seeing mounds of dirt about six inches high shaped almost like volcanoes, this is a surefire sign that you are dealing with a mole infestation.

If you’re seeing any of these signs, call the experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions today for superior mole control services. We have the skills and tools needed to safely remove moles from your yard so that your lawn can get back to growing in a healthy manner again. 

What Could Be Attracting Moles To Your Yard

Ultimately, the reason moles show up in your yard is because they are looking for food. If your yard doesn’t have a good source of food, they’ll pass on it. However, if you have a lot of grubs, earthworms, and other such bugs, the moles won’t be far off. As with all pests, a source of water is also another reason they might be attracted to your yard. 

How To Repel Moles Naturally In Southern Maine

The best mole control is prevention. Luckily, these pests are rather easy to deter as long as you are prepared and get ahead of the infestation before they arrive. If you want to repel moles from your yard naturally, consider these tips:

  • Fix water access: The first step is getting rid of any access to water. Fix leaky pipes and spigots as well as gutters, and remove puddles if they form.

  • Remove their food supply: The second step is to remove their food supply, which is ultimately why they are invading in the first place.

  • Have a professional treat your yard: A professional with the right tools and treatments can treat your yard for the grubs that moles find tasty, as well as help you implement other proven prevention strategies that are unique to your situation.

The pros at Big Blue Bug Solutions will eliminate your mole problem with the most professional tools and treatments available on the professional market to eradicate the moles’ food sources and to remove the moles on your property safely. If you’re having an issue, give us a call!

The Best Mole Traps For Effective Pest Control

Since 1935, Big Blue Bug Solutions has been helping southern Maine homeowners have mole-free lawns, and we can help you, too! We focus on providing superior customer service while doing pest control right the first time. If you want your yard to be happy and healthy, give us a call for mole and grub control services today.