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The Best Way To Keep The Raccoons In Southern Maine Off Your Property
raccoon in winter

Raccoon control is one of the many reasons people seek professional pest control in southern Maine. These pests can quickly take over your yard and cause all kinds of problems, from property damage to harassing your pets to spreading diseases. Read on to learn more about how to prevent this nuisance wildlife creature, and how Big Blue Bug Solutions can help your property be raccoon-free today!

Where Raccoons May Be Hiding On Your Property

Racoon pest control starts with knowing where to find these pests. They are comfortable in many places, meaning they’ll be happy to live almost anywhere on your property. Below are some of the most common places you’ll find raccoons on your southern Maine property:

  • Under porches: This provides them with a safe space to sleep, nest, and reproduce, so underneath your porch or deck is a prime spot for raccoons.
  • In your barn or shed: If you have an external building on your property, they are likely to take up space inside that as well, as it’s even safer than under a porch.
  • Underneath your barn or shed: If they can’t get inside the barn or shed, the next best bet is to go underneath it.
  • Attics: Another popular hiding spot for raccoons is in your attic. Once they’re in, they’re difficult to remove, too.

No matter where the raccoons are on your property, the team at Big Blue Bug Solutions has the skills and tools needed to flush them out and remove them from your property for good. If you’ve spotted these pests, don’t try to catch them yourself. Give us a call for safe and effective raccoon control services today.

What To Do When You've Spotted The Raccoons

Raccoons can become aggressive if they feel threatened. While they’re not the most terrifying of wildlife, they can spread harmful diseases such as rabies to both you and your pets. If you've seen raccoons around your property, the best thing to do is to call the professionals for help. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we provide comprehensive raccoon control services that not only remove the pests, but keep them from coming back. Don’t risk getting bitten or scratched and catching a disease; give us a call today.

Five Effective Raccoon Control Tips For Southern Maine Homes

They might be common around here, but keeping the raccoons off your property doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Below are five things you can do today to help keep the raccoons away from your southern Maine home:

  1. Don’t leave pet food outside: Many people leave pet food outside. Unfortunately, this is a free buffet for the raccoons, and invites them closer to your home. Remove this to make your place less appealing to the raccoons.
  2. Secure your trash bins: It’s no secret that raccoons love garbage. Keep your bins secure and you’ll notice fewer raccoons in the area.
  3. Treat your lawn for grubs: Raccoons will also sometimes be attracted to the grubs on your lawn. Try treating your lawn for these pests and the raccoons will have fewer reasons to come close to your home.
  4. Block their hiding spots: Make it so raccoons can’t get underneath porches, sheds, and garages. This will take away safe spaces for them to set up shop.
  5. Eliminate water sources: Fix leaky pipes and spigots to remove any water sources, as raccoons are also looking for constant access to water.

The team at Big Blue Bug Solutions will implement proven prevention strategies unique to your situation to ensure the raccoons don’t return once they’ve been removed. If you still aren’t sure why they’re showing up, give us a call for an expert set of eyes on the problem today.

Raccoon Removal & Control With Southern Maine

With superior raccoon control methods and the most advanced tools and treatments available on the professional pest control market, the team at Big Blue Bug Solutions has what it takes to rid your property of your raccoon problem today, and to keep it raccoon-free year-round. Don’t let these pests make a mess of your property; give us a call for expert help today!