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Should I Invest In A Termite Inspection For My South Portland Home?

termites on wood

Termites can easily ruin your South Portland home if you don’t catch an infestation in time, leaving you with expensive-to-repair damages. Termite inspections provided by South Portland pest control experts can help you catch a termite problem before it takes over your home.

How Often Should You Have Termite Inspections?

Termite inspections are a beneficial routine pest control tactic that helps to catch termite problems before they become overwhelming and result in severe damage to your home. In most cases, you should have a termite inspection at least once a year. Still, suppose you have had previous problems with termites or have ongoing moisture and humidity issues. In that case, you might want to schedule a termite inspection every six months to ensure your property remains safe from this destructive pest.

The Pros And Cons Of Regular Termite Inspections

Regular termite inspections have many benefits, but they may also have a few drawbacks. It’s essential to be aware of all the factors surrounding a termite inspection if you want to ensure you are investing in the right thing for your home.

Pros of regular termite inspections include:

  • Efficient identification of termite problems or other pest control issues that might damage the wood around your home
  • Safe termite removal saves you from using DIY termite control methods
  • Termite control costs are reduced over time; termite inspections can catch this pest before significant costly damages
  • Prevention suggestions for your home by the professionals that keep termites out between inspections

On the other hand, termite inspections might seem costly to some homeowners, especially considering it is a yearly cost. However, the money you save by catching termite infestations early and stopping them from growing out of control is often worth this yearly investment.

What Happens During A Termite Inspection

During a termite inspection, a pest control technician will come to your home and inspect the interior and exterior areas for signs of termites such as termite droppings, shed termite wings, mud tubes, damaged wood, and pinpoint holes in wooden areas. Your inspector will take their time to check popular termite hiding spots such as baseboards, windowsills, doorjambs, walls, cabinets, and drawers for signs of termites, in addition to searching for conditions that are conducive to termite problems.

Once we have completed your termite inspection, our technician will discuss their findings with you and the necessary next steps if a termite infestation, or other wood-destroying insect infestation, has been detected on your property. From there, you must work with your technicians as they apply pest control solutions and implement easy termite-preventative steps in preparation for next year’s inspection.

If you suspect a termite problem is occurring before it is time for your annual termite inspection, don’t hesitate to reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions right away to request assistance.

Professional Termite Inspections For Families In South Portland

For termite protection in South Portland that you can count on, reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our company has been in business for more than 80 years. It is well-equipped to handle any termite problem that might be occurring on your property, in addition to providing in-depth annual termite inspections.

With the help of the best termite control company for your South Portland home, you can benefit from termite protection and pest control solutions year-round, ensuring your property stays safe from dangerous pest invaders.

Contact us today to get started.