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Are You Struggling To Deal With Squirrels Around South Portland?

squirrel outside

Dealing with squirrels in South Portland can be a struggle, which is why pest control for squirrels is a necessary investment. South Portland pest control specialists can assist with squirrel control methods that are perfect for your property.

Where Squirrels Like To Hide

Squirrels love to hide in any area of the home that provides seclusion but has an easy access point. Prime locations for squirrel invasions include attics, crawl spaces, the space between walls, and ductwork, as these places typically have holes to access them. 

You should also know that if there isn’t an easy way to access a safe, sheltered area, squirrels have no problem using their sharp front teeth to gnaw their way into your property. One of the most significant indicators that squirrels are infiltrating your home are natural-looking or gnawed holes around these areas that keep getting bigger.  

Getting Squirrels Out Of Your Attic

Squirrel control in your attic is essential if you want to keep this troublesome, dangerous pest away from your stored items and prevent them from further taking over your property. In addition to professional assistance from Big Blue Bug Solutions, you can implement these squirrel prevention steps to get squirrels out of your attic and keep them out:

  • Seal entry points around your attic with a chew-proof material to keep squirrels out, leaving only one open that squirrels can exit through.
  • Trim back trees near your roofline to stop squirrels from easily crossing over outdoor areas into your attic.
  • Place a plastic owl on your roof or around potential attic entry points to scare squirrels away.

Additionally, remember not to attempt DIY squirrel removal that puts you face to face with this critter, their droppings, or nesting areas, as this can increase your risk of picking up a serious illness or a bite from this pest. Leave the removal of active squirrel infestations on your property to Big Blue Bug Solutions.

Are There Squirrels In Your Crawl Spaces?

Another prime squirrel hiding location is the crawl spaces around your property. Once squirrels invade this area, there are a few signs you can look out for that indicate squirrel pest control is needed.

To start with, you may hear scratching or rustling noises coming from below your home as squirrels nest in your crawl space. Nesting materials like organic matter and shredded papers may be around your property's foundation. You may also see squirrels coming and going around openings near your crawl space. 

Over time, a squirrel infestation in your home’s crawl space can lead to damaged wood, frayed wires, and increased disease risk as squirrels gnaw and chew whatever they come across while leaving droppings and parasitic pests such as fleas around your home. If you suspect squirrels are in your crawl space, contact Big Blue Bug Solutions immediately.

Total Wildlife Control For South Portland Homes

Controlling squirrels and other wildlife invaders in South Portland doesn’t need to be as overwhelming as you might think. Our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions will provide you with the expert squirrel control tactics that your property needs to eradicate this pest's active infestations and stay protected against squirrel invaders year-round. With more than 80 years of experience under our belt, there’s no size or scale of squirrel infestation that we won’t be able to handle.

Contact us today to learn more about our squirrel and wildlife control options or to get started safeguarding your home against this pest.