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Tips To Keep The Raccoons In Southern Maine Away From Your Home

raccoon up close

When raccoons invade your Southern Maine home, it may seem like there’s nothing you can do to keep this troublesome, dangerous pest away. Fortunately, the Southern Maine pest control experts at Big Blue Bug Solutions can help you with raccoon prevention and control.

Where Raccoons May Be Hiding

If raccoons are invading your home, the chances are they are looking for spaces that are dark, secluded, and away from human activity. Raccoons are primarily nocturnal, meaning they will hide during the day when you might be out and about, and they will emerge in the nighttime when you may not have a chance to see an infestation starting.

Prime hiding places for raccoons around your property include basements, attics, crawl spaces, chimneys, under shrubs or overgrown foliage, and near trash cans. If you stumble across a raccoon in these hiding spots, they may feel threatened and attack; raccoon control is necessary to avoid this risk.

What To Do When You've Spotted Raccoons

If you’ve spotted a raccoon either in your yard or hiding out in an interior area of your home, your first move should be to get away as carefully as possible. You don’t want to approach the raccoon as this can lead them to attack, and you should never attempt to touch or carry a raccoon due to the risk of bites, scratches, and disease or parasitic pest transmission.

After you’ve moved away from the raccoon and their hiding space, place a call to Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our technicians will come out to your property as soon as possible and help you put raccoon control methods into place that humanely take care of your wildlife invaders without further stress to you or your family.

Five Simple Raccoon Control Tips

Controlling raccoons doesn’t need to be stressful. Follow these five simple raccoon control tips to prevent this critter from invading your property:

  1. Never leave food and drink outside, immediately clean up outdoor food and drink spills, and utilize trash cans with lockable or tight-fitting lids to make your property less desirable to hungry raccoons.
  2. Cut back overgrown foliage and shrubs and remove yard debris like tree stumps and fallen fruit to reduce outdoor raccoon hiding spots.
  3. Never feed raccoons you see in your yard and keep your distance from raccoons and their young; too much exposure to humans can keep raccoons returning for food.
  4. Address moisture issues and leaks leading to pools of excess water around your property, as these, can make the area hospitable to raccoons.
  5. Carefully check your property for potential entry points and seal holes or spaces that could let raccoons into interior areas, such as vents around attics and crawl spaces or damages in the foundation.

If you have more questions about raccoon control, don’t hesitate to reach out to Big Blue Bug Solutions for expert answers and advice.

Raccoon Removal & Control With Big Blue Bug Solutions

For a raccoon control service, you can count on, invest in the help of Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our knowledgeable technicians will waste no time inspecting your property for raccoons and setting up traps or other raccoon control methods to remove this critter from your property safely. With our help, you won’t need to expose yourself to the dangers of raccoons, such as disease transmission and bite risks, and you can relax knowing that your home is safe from wildlife invaders.