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What You Need To Know About Opossums In Southern Maine

opossum hanging from branch

Opossums may seem like harmless wildlife critters at first, but infestations of this pest around your home can create dangerous problems. Trust Southern Maine pest control professionals to provide you with opossum control methods you can count on.

Signs Opossums Are Around Your Home

Opossum infestations are not hard to miss, as this critter causes destruction and noise around your home when they move in and is often visible during nighttime. However, you will occasionally see them during the day.

Signs that opossums have invaded your property include:

  • Exterior damage around your home due to opossums climbing up the siding, over roofs, and through gutters to enter interior areas.
  • Pet food quickly disappears, especially pet food kept outside or in garages where hungry opossums can easily reach it.
  • Loud animal noises such as hissing, screeching, rustling, scratching and scuttling are opossums invading attics, basements, crawl spaces, or wall voids.
  • Unpleasant smells throughout your home indicate that opossums are leaving droppings behind in hidden areas or that they have gotten trapped and died in these spaces.

Any of these signs warrant a call to the opossum control professionals at Big Blue Bug Solutions.

The Eating Habits Of Opossums

Opossums are big eaters and are known to snack on various things they may find in the wild or in human structures that have easy access. Opossums will eat dead animals, insects, rodents, and birds outdoors, in addition to munching on eggs, pet food, plants, and grains that they come across. They will eat the skeletal remains of roadkill or rummage through your trash cans for leftover food such as fruit, vegetable, and meat scraps.

It is important to note that opossums are quite beneficial in the wild due to the sheer number of different things they eat and the fact that they control populations of ticks, beetles, slugs, and snails. However, while opossums are great in the wild, you don’t want to host this pest in your home due to the dangers of an infestation.

The Dangers That Opossums Can Cause

Opossums may be beneficial for our environment, but an infestation of this pest around your property can be a recipe for disaster. Opossums are carriers of several serious illnesses such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis, tularemia, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, and Chagas disease. A widespread infestation around your property can spread these illnesses via the opossums scavenging or leaving droppings behind in interior and exterior areas.

Additionally, opossums can carry parasitic pests such as fleas, ticks, and mites, and they will drop these off around your property as they invade your space. These pests bring  health issues and can start separate infestations around your home, which is why opossum pest control is necessary to combat the dangers of this critter.

Total Nuisance Wildlife Control In Southern Maine

For opossum control in Southern Maine that you can count on, look no further than our team of expert technicians at Big Blue Bug Solutions. We’re the best in the nuisance wildlife control business, and we know how to keep your Southern Maine property free of opossum invasions and all other types of wildlife pests.

With our help, you won’t need to attempt DIY removal of opossums, exposing yourself to the dangers of being attacked by this critter or picking up an unwanted illness. Instead, you can rely on us to humanely and reliably remove all opossums from your property, returning your home to the safe, peaceful, and hygienic space you deserve.

Contact us today to get started.