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5 Common Wildlife Problems For Providence Residents

adult skunk

In an area like Providence, it’s not uncommon for wildlife to come a little too close to human residences, causing problems and headaches for homeowners. While squirrels and raccoons might look cute in a cartoon or at a safe distance, these wild animals can cause problems if they come onto your property or, worse, into your home. 

Here are five common wildlife problems that Providence residents sometimes encounter.

  1. Raccoons damaging property, such as tearing screens or siding as they try to find a way into a home.
  2. Opossums digging up lawns as they look for insects such as grubs, which they feed on.
  3. Squirrels are known for their habit of gnawing, which they have to do to maintain their teeth. For Providence homeowners, this can result in damage as squirrels gnaw through wires, pipes, and insulation. Gnawing through wiring is especially problematic because it can result in a fire.
  4. Skunks are burrowing creatures. They may dig under sheds, decks, and other structures on your property.
  5. Bats that enter your attic will leave droppings and a urine smell. They can also leave fleas and other insects in your home.

Don’t Try to Capture Wild Animals

If you believe that wild animals have entered your home or are living on your property, do not try DIY methods to eradicate them. The animals listed above are capable of biting or otherwise attacking you if they feel threatened. Approaching them in any way is a good way to make the creature feel threatened. Also, each are known to carry diseases, including rabies. Don’t risk your health or safety by approaching a wild animal.

Your best bet for controlling wild animals on your property is to call Big Blue Bug Solutions. Our trained wildlife specialists know that every wildlife situation is unique, so they’ll survey your property and design a program based on your specific issues.

Some of the ways we use to eradicate wildlife problems include trapping the animals and releasing them elsewhere. We may also suggest some changes that will make the area unwelcoming to wildlife. We can install wildlife exclusion features such as chimney caps and attic vent screens to prevent animals from entering your home in the future.

If you’re experiencing problems caused by wildlife on your property, call us today to find out about our wildlife programs.