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Mosquito Control 101: Reducing Mosquitoes On Your Milford Property

mosquitoes on human skin

Mosquitoes are one of the worst parts of late spring and early summer in Milford, Connecticut. They harass you while you’re trying to enjoy your time outdoors, leave itchy welts, and can ruin a picnic, hike, or other outdoor activity faster than almost any insect. So what do you need to know to control mosquitoes on your Milford property effectively? This article will help you identify the most common type of mosquitoes you will likely encounter, the diseases mosquitoes might carry, and give you tips on mitigating mosquitoes in your yard. Big Blue Bug Solutions, the most trusted name in Milford pest control, is here to help you understand and deal with these pests effectively.

How To Identify A Mosquito

The most common type of mosquito in the United States is the Culex mosquito. This name applies to several different species of mosquitoes in the same family, all of whom feed on human blood. These mosquitoes can be quite hard to detect. Their small size and tendency to be most active around dawn and dusk make them hard to see. Culex mosquitoes are usually between a quarter and three-eighths of an inch in length. Their bodies are long and narrow, with spindly legs and two wings. They have six legs and two antennae, and their bodies are usually gray with scales that can vary between white, silver, blue, or green. Now that you know how to identify the most common kind of mosquito you will likely encounter, let’s examine some of the diseases caused by mosquito bites.

The Dangerous Diseases Mosquito Bites Can Spread

Most mosquito bites result in little more than an itchy red welt that can be easily managed and usually goes away within a couple of days. However, mosquitoes are known to carry a number of deadly diseases, and they transmit various illnesses through their bites. These diseases include West Nile virus, dengue fever, and encephalitis. There is no way to treat West Nile virus, so it’s important that you know how to prevent mosquitoes from biting you in the first place. Mosquitoes also carry malaria, but this disease is uncommon in the United States. Since we’ve discussed some of the diseases you can get from mosquitoes, let’s look at what you can do to mitigate them.

Five Easy Ways To Reduce Mosquito Populations Around Your Yard

Mosquitoes are persistent pests, but you can avoid them if you know what to do. There are a few natural ways to repel mosquitoes around your Milford home.

Here are five:

  1. Search for any cracks or gaps in the exterior of your home and seal them up.
  2. Make sure all seals and screens are in good working order.
  3. Get rid of standing water around your home.
  4. Wear long pants, long sleeves, and insect repellent when outside.
  5. Have a professional pest control company inspect your yard for signs of mosquitoes.

These tips should help you keep mosquito activity down, but they won’t help much if you have a mosquito infestation on your property. In that case, you should contact a professional pest control company.

The Most Effective Method To Control Mosquito Populations

The best way to control mosquitoes is to call the pros. Big Blue Bug Solutions has proudly served New England for over 80 years. We provide our customers with cutting-edge, reliable solutions that meet their individual needs. Our service technicians are highly trained and equipped with everything needed to handle your mosquito problems at the source. When you choose Big Blue Bug Solutions, you can be confident that we will take care of the problem. Call us today to request a free estimate and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Milford.