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How To Identify And Control Powderpost Beetles In Maine


Otherwise known as "Vacationland," the State of Maine offers stunning landscapes from its southern tip to its northernmost boundaries. Whether you enjoy rugged coastlines, sparkling lakes, thick woods, or high mountain tops, it is truly a destination you'll never forget.

One wood-boring pest that likes to invade homes in this beautiful state is the powderpost beetle. Without professional beetle control in Maine, homes can sustain damages that will leave homeowners with unpleasant memories.

Powderpost beetles are wood-boring insects that can repeatedly infest untreated or unsealed hardwoods, softwoods, or both (depending on the species). Some rank these destructive beetles a close second to termites. With this kind of reputation, Maine homeowners should learn how to recognize them.

Five characteristics that help identify powderpost beetles in Maine include the following:

  1. They are small insects with thin, flat, and long cylindrical bodies measuring 1/8 to 3/4 of an inch.
  2. Their coloration ranges from reddish-brown to black.
  3. They have protective wing covers that form a straight line down their back; darker, pitted lines may look grooved on their back.
  4. Their larvae resemble yellowish-white grubs with a brown tip.
  5. If you view them from above, you can see a discernible head with antennae.

Identifying powderpost beetles can prove quite challenging; typically, you'll notice the damage they leave behind before you see the beetles themselves. If you suspect a powderpost beetle infestation, contacting a pest professional like Big Blue Bug Solutions for verification is always wise.

About The Damage Powderpost Beetles Can Cause

Many times, homeowners unknowingly bring powderpost beetles into their homes. Powderpost beetles often infest lumber and wood products like flooring, furniture, and paneling. Once inside, homeowners are often unaware that they've got a problem until damages start showing up. 

Usually, one of the first signs of a powderpost beetle problem is when noticeable small round holes between 1/32 to 1/8 of an inch appear on the surface of wood products ("shot holes"). These get created by adult beetles that drill through the wood's surface. 

Another sign of powderpost beetle damage occurs when growing larvae develop within the wood. As they start eating and tunneling, they deposit frass (excrement) in their wake as they move through wood. This frass resembles a fine powder that most people describe as "sawdust." When homeowners spot small piles of frass near exit holes or on the floor below them, it could indicate an active infestation. 

More evidence of powderpost beetle damage is wood products that easily crumble when handled, poked, or prodded; at this point, infestations are severe.

Discovering evidence of a powderpost beetle infestation can be alarming. Homeowners who enlist the help of Big Blue Bug Solutions can rest easy knowing that our expert technicians can provide effective powderpost beetle pest control solutions.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Powderpost Beetles

While powderpost beetles can fly into homes, more often than not, people are typically responsible for bringing them indoors. Using caution when introducing wood products into homes can significantly reduce factors that attract powderpost to homes.

Five ways to remove factors that attract powderpost beetles include:

  1. Don't use untreated lumber for construction.
  2. Only purchase properly stored and dried lumber.
  3. Avoid using bare, unfinished wood products; seal them with wax, varnish, or paint.
  4. Avoid using old lumber from barns or wood stacked in the yard.
  5. Reduce excess moisture and ensure proper ventilation, especially in basements and crawl spaces.

Taking steps to eliminate powderpost beetle attractions can go a long way towards safeguarding the wood in your home, but it's not a guarantee. If signs of powderpost beetles show up in homes, it's essential to contact Big Blue Bug Solutions to control powderpost beetle infestations.

Total Powderpost Beetle Control Services For Maine Homes

The best way to ensure total home pest control in Maine homes is with professional pest control services from Big Blue Bug Solutions. For over 80 years, we've protected homes and businesses from unwanted pests.

Our technicians stay current on all the latest industry changes to ensure our customers receive environmentally responsible and effective treatments that get rid of bugs, period! Homeowners can receive expert pest control for beetles when they call Big Blue Bug Solutions today for a free inspection.