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Date Posted: March 12, 2024
Category: Stored Product Pests

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close-up of a grain beetle

Many homeowners will encounter types of stored product pests, which are also commonly referred to as pantry pests. Common types of pantry pests include Indian meal moths, granary weevils, flour beetles, and grain beetles. These types of creatures often infiltrate dried or stored foods during the production, transport, or storage of items, including flour, cereal, pasta, nuts, and other products that ultimately are stored in the pantries or cupboards of Rhode Island homes.

Have you discovered types of beetles in the dried food products stored in your cupboard or pantry? Promptly contact the professionals for assistance. An experienced provider of professional beetle control in Rhode Island maintains a well-qualified staff of service technicians that will get the job done.

Are There Different Types Of Grain Beetles?

The primary types include merchant grain beetles (Oryzaephilus Mercator) and saw-toothed grain beetles (Oryzaephilus surinamensis). These two pests have a similar appearance with a flat, brownish appearance and bodies that measure less than 1/8 of an inch long. Are you looking for answers regarding the best grain beetle removal methods? Look no further than a local beetle control company that will provide efficient treatment without compromising safety.

Signs Of A Grain Beetle Problem

What are some of the most common indications of a grain beetle infestation? In most cases, homeowners will open dried foods and immediately notice the presence of beetles, as they are a dark color and typically are numerous. Often, beetles are seen crawling along shelves and on the exterior of the packaging.

Quick Response Measures For Dealing With Grain Beetles

What are some of the best practices when responding to infestations involving grain beetles? Homeowners in Rhode Island should consider these tips:

  • Do not buy dried foods in bulk unless you plan to consume them in the coming weeks.
  • Inspect products in grocery stores for any signs of pest entry before buying.
  • Transfer any weakly packaged dried foods into more resistant containers such as those composed of plastic or glass before storing them.
  • Adopt excellent cleaning habits throughout the kitchen and pantry area.

While these interim, remedial methods are viable, they are not a substitute for having help from trained professionals. Homeowners who are experiencing these concerns should seek assistance from well-trained experts who specialize in residential pest control for beetles. The pros are familiar with grain beetles and know how to get rid of beetles quickly and without compromising safety.

When To Seek Professional Assistance

Which of the home pantry pest control products sold in local stores are the most effective?

Local home improvement retailers sell various do-it-yourself options for eliminating grain beetles and other types of pests that invade cupboards and pantries. The majority of these mass-marketed products are types of traps that often prove insufficient against moderate to significant intrusions involving these unwanted pests. Property owners in Rhode Island who are struggling with worsening problems involving these bothersome pests should promptly speak with an experienced provider of grain beetle control near you regarding an onsite inspection of the premises.

The team of residential pest control professionals with Big Blue Bug Solutions is properly trained and well-equipped to quickly expel grain beetles and many other pantry pests from the homes of property owners in Rhode Island. After receiving an inquiry from a frustrated homeowner, one of our skilled service technicians will visit the property and conduct a thorough assessment. This inspection is a critical step in determining the source of the problem and choosing the best available solution.

We encourage Rhode Island homeowners who are facing problems with these and other types of undesirable pests to contact our office for effective treatment. Also, remember to ask about our year-round residential protection plans.

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