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Date Posted: April 24, 2015
Category: Big Blue Bug

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Woodpeckers are perhaps the most recognizable bird out there. They are distinct in their coloring, shape and behavior. They are known to peck at trees, street signs, telephone and utility poles and many more things. They bang and peck on things for a few different reasons. When it is solely for noise purposes, then they are showing dominance over an area, and are trying to attract females to themselves. Any other time, it is in search of insects to eat. They also build nests in places that they have hollowed out. Seeing them on trees and other natural objects isn’t really any cause of alarm. But, when they start tapping on the side of your house or any other building, then they can cause some real damage and be very annoying. It will leave you wishing that they would stop and wondering why they are doing it.

Most likely, they are looking for food. One of the most common things that they are looking for in the side of buildings is carpenter bees. Carpenter bees bore holes in untreated, or bare softwood. They use these holes to lay their eggs in and to nest in over the winter months. These are a yummy treat for woodpeckers. In order to rid yourself of the woodpeckers, you really need to get rid of the attractant that is bringing them to your house. Woodpeckers are a protected species, so under no circumstances should you hurt or touch them, their eggs or their nests.

Some signs of a carpenter bee infestation are:

  • ½” holes in the wood that is unfinished, bare or weathered

  • Piles of sawdust beneath these holes

  • Yellow staining around the holes from bee fecal matter

  • Males protecting and flying around the hole

If you think that carpenter bees are the bait that is luring woodpeckers to your home, then you need to contact a professional pest service as soon as possible. They are very difficult to get rid of on your own. Being solitary bees they do not live in large nests, they use the holes that they bore in wood to reside in. There can be multiple holes on one building. They do not bite but, like many other bees they can and will sting. As with other bees, this sting can cause allergic reactions in some people.

If you have woodpeckers pecking away at the side of your home or building and you aren’t sure what they are really after then it is still best to contact a professional pest control service like us here at Big Blue Bug. There are certain guidelines to dealing with woodpeckers that must be followed to stay within federal and local laws. Don’t chance it. Let the professionals here at Big Blue Bug safely and humanely show them that they need to do their pecking elsewhere.

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