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Common Spider Threats In Portland, Maine
a head on viewing of a yellow sac spider with its mouth open and ready to bite on a southern portland property

Having spiders in a home is something no one wants to deal with. While it’s fine when they stay outside and keep other pest populations down, they become a nuisance when they get inside. The following are common spider threats in Portland, Maine and what you can do about them.

Sac Spiders

Light in color with a darker stripe running down the abdomen, sac spiders grow to about ⅜ of an inch (body length), with legs that can put their total length at about one inch. They hunt for their food at night as opposed to trapping it in a web the way many other spiders do.

The biggest problem with sac spiders is when they bite. Although they don’t typically bite unless they feel they’re in danger, when they do, it is quite painful. Their bites are often confused with brown recluse bites, but the symptoms are much less severe.

House Spiders

House spiders are some of the most common and well-known spiders. They grow to about ¼ of an inch in length, are light brown, and have rounded abdomens.

House spiders can bite, but the bites are not dangerous. The biggest problem with house spiders is that they build a lot of webs that you have to clean up. They can also indicate another pest problem. House spiders usually go where there is a steady food supply, so if they’re in your house, it often means other pests are there too.

Black Widow Spiders

The most dangerous of the three, black widow spiders, have shiny, round, black bodies and grow to about ½ an inch in length. The females have a distinctive reddish hourglass shape on their underbellies.

Black widows prefer to stay hidden away, but if you accidentally interrupt one in its resting place, it may bite to defend itself. Black widow bites are venomous and can be quite dangerous, causing muscle cramping, trouble breathing, and more. If bitten by a black widow, medical attention is recommended.

How Spiders Get Inside Your Portland, Maine Home

During the summer, spiders often come inside looking for food or a place to cool off. Any small crack or opening around the perimeter of your house will allow entry to these eight-legged pests. If your house has any water damage, they may also get inside by taking advantage of space made by rotting wood.

What to Do About a Spider Infestation

If spiders are threatening your Portland, Maine home, the best way to get rid of them is by calling Big Blue Bug Solutions. We can eliminate a spider problem safely and efficiently, leaving your home spider-free and your family safe from the painful and sometimes dangerous bites they can inflict.

If you have a spider problem, contact us to schedule a service visit.