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a yellow jacket on a leaf

What You Should Know About Yellow Jackets In Connecticut

DATE POSTED: October 12, 2020

No one wants to be stung by a yellow jacket or any other stinging insect, and yellow jackets are actually considered to be more dangerous than most other local wasps. This is because they are one of the more aggressive species.

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yellow jacket in its nest

Yellow Jackets Are Gone, Right?

DATE POSTED: November 28, 2016

It is almost winter in New England. That means you don't have to worry about yellow jackets anymore, right? We really wish we could say yes to this, but the truth is, you can still get stung by yellow jackets even when it is cold outside. While it is true that most yellow jackets die in winter and only the queens survive, those worker wasps may not be dead yet. There are two things you should be…

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large yellow jacket in a providence ri

Why Are Yellow Jackets So Angry All The Time?

DATE POSTED: August 5, 2016

Have you ever been minding your own business in your own backyard, only to be attacked mercilessly by a vicious yellow and black striped flying insect? If you have, then you are not likely to soon forget it because it hurts. A lot. And, it won't stop there.

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yellow jacket up close

5 Things You Should Know About Yellow Jackets In South Portland

DATE POSTED: July 27, 2016

Maine is called vacationland for a reason. It is beautiful in Maine during the summer; and, if you are a Mainer, there is a good chance you're going to take full advantage of those warm summer days. Whether you go out somewhere in the Maine woods or just hang out in your backyard, yellow jackets can be an issue. Here are 5 things you should know about yellow jackets if you live in South Portland.

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yellow jacket in the fall

Yellow Jackets & Bees In The Fall

DATE POSTED: October 15, 2014

Yellow Jackets and Bees come out of hibernation at the end of spring, and slowly build their hives and nests through the summer months. When fall arrives, their populations have usually maxed out, and food resources in the area are diminished, which means there are more stinging insects flying around your house. This is also the time when new queens search for a place to overwinter. So, it is…

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