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We have a lot of critters and insects in Concord. They come into our yards and get into our homes. The best way to deal with pest problems is to be proactive and research Merrimack County pest control to learn about residential and commercial pest control programs.

A professional pest control program will give you year-round pest control and appropriate seasonal treatments to stop pest problems before they begin. If you consider having the award-winning team at Big Blue Bug Solutions take care of your pest control needs, here are a few things you can expect.

Home Pest Control In Concord, NH

There are so many pests that give Concord residents trouble. Ants enter homes by the thousands and create a nuisance. Paper wasps build nests on or near homes and present a stinging hazard. Fleas spring from hiding places in landscaping to get on dogs and cats and hitch a ride inside. Ticks hitch a ride too - only they don't spring through the air to do it. They climb to the top of grass blades and hold their front appendages out to cling onto dogs, cats, and humans that pass by.

Flies buzz around trash. Mice and rats chew holes and leave droppings around. Mosquitoes drive folks crazy while they're trying to enjoy a cookout in the backyard. We could go on and on, but you know all about these pests. They probably drive you crazy too. But what you may not know is that you don't have to put up with them getting into your home or biting you in your yard. Residential pest control offers proactive control of common household pests and yard pests.

Household Pests

Many pests spend time in the perimeter around a home before they get inside. A quality pest control program provides routine treatments to this area to prevent pests from getting in. These treatments, along with general pest maintenance, help to keep your home pest-free.

Yard Pests

Your perimeter is not just a place where household pests can be found, it is also where outdoor pests, like mosquitoes, breed on your property. When seasonal treatments are applied, mosquitoes can be reduced significantly. You may not even notice mosquitoes in your yard anymore.

Ongoing pest maintenance and appropriate treatments keep pests from making life miserable. They also guard you and your family against pest-borne diseases.


Commercial Pest Control In Concord, NH

If you own a business in Concord, there are many ways pests can impact your bottom line. Cockroaches and rodents can be a nightmare for restaurant owners. Bed bugs can plague hotels, motels, time-shares, and more. Spiders and other household pests can make tenants want to leave apartments, home rentals, and other rental units. No matter what industry you're in, there are pests that can threaten your financial success.

A quality commercial pest control program that is custom-designed to meet your needs, provides you with proactive control and protection against:

  • Food-infesting pests, such as Indian meal moths, beetles, and weevils, will have a hard time contaminating your products.

  • Pests that impact human health, such as cockroaches, rodents, and flies, will not be able to make your customers and employees sick.

  • Structure-infesting pests, such as termites and carpenter ants, won't be allowed to take a bite out of your equity.

  • Household pests will be kept on the outside of rental units.

  • Birds won't be able to hang out above outdoor seating or dining areas.

The best defense is a good offense. When you have a commercial pest control provider visiting your property to perform routine pest maintenance and treatments, you guard your business against pest problems that can arise.


A Fool-Proof Way To Keep Ants Out Of Your Concord Home

One of the most common pest problems in our area is ant infestations. We have a long list of potential ant pests, and many of them get into structures in large numbers. If you want to keep ants out of your home, the secret is to stop them as they come into your yard and as they enter the perimeter next to your foundation.

The fool-proof way to keep ants out is to have a licensed professional do some or all of the following:

  • Inspect your property for ant activity and conducive conditions.

  • Identify the ants found on your property.

  • Select the right baits or mound treatments to target the ant colonies in your yard.

  • Apply pest maintenance to address attractants in your landscaping and near your home.

  • Apply exclusions to seal potential entry points and create a physical barrier that keeps pests out.

  • Apply products and natural methods to address indoor infestations and systematically eliminate ants in the interior of your home.

  • Evaluate the success of ant treatments by performing a follow-up inspection.

  • Apply ongoing perimeter protection to prevent ants and other household pests from getting inside.

Ant control is a process, not a product. This process is best performed by a trained and experienced individual with appropriate licensing. If you need assistance with ant pest control in Concord, you can rely upon Big Blue Bug Solutions to arrest ant infestations and prevent future infestations by providing you with a year-round residential pest control service.


Little-Known Ways Mice Can Sneak Into Your Concord Home

Mice are well-known critters, but it is surprising how little people actually know about these tiny pests, such as the many ways a mouse can get into a home. Here are a few examples, some of them are likely to surprise you:

  • Mice chew on weatherstripping and create dime-sized holes that are large enough for a full-grown mouse to squeeze through.

  • Mice work their way up through downspouts and gutters to get into a home by way of roof vulnerabilities.

  • Another way mice can get in through roof vulnerabilities is by climbing trees, running down branches, and jumping on the roof.

  • Mice are incredible climbers and are able to scale the walls of some homes, like Spiderman. Fortunately, your roofline will stop them from getting on your roof, but it won't keep them from getting to louvers, vents, and other openings.

  • Mice can get into your home through gaps around pipes and wire conduits.

Keep mice, rats, and other pests out by contacting Big Blue Bug Solutions for year-round pest control. This is the best way to deal with Concord pests.

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