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We have a lot of critters and insects in Concord. They come into our yards and get into our homes. The best way to deal with pest problems is to be proactive and research Merrimack County pest control to learn about residential and commercial pest control programs.

A professional pest control program will give you year-round pest control and appropriate seasonal treatments to stop pest problems before they begin. If you consider having the award-winning team at Big Blue Bug Solutions take care of your pest control needs, here are a few things you can expect.

Why Call A Professional For Bat Problems Around Concord

Thanks to Hollywood and pop culture, bats have earned a spooky reputation. Between the scary movies, Halloween decorations, and the urban legend that if you get bit by a bat, you'll turn into a vampire, there is a lot of misinformation about these animals.

While there is nothing supernatural about bats, they are dangerous. Bat bites won't turn you into a vampire, but they will be painful and can put you at risk for rabies. Bats can also spread other harmful diseases and introduce pests, like fleas and mites, into your home, not to mention that their urine and feces can accelerate your home's aging and lead to costly repairs.

The best way to avoid all the issues caused by bats is to partner with a professional company like Big Blue Bug Solutions for bat control. We’ll work with you to eliminate any bats on your property and install bat control devices that prevent them from returning. You can count on our bat control plans to protect your family and property from dangerous bats.


Little-Known Ways Mice Can Sneak Into Your Concord Home

Mice are well-known critters, but it is surprising how little people actually know about these tiny pests, such as the many ways a mouse can get into a home. Here are a few examples, some of them are likely to surprise you:

  • Mice chew on weatherstripping and create dime-sized holes that are large enough for a full-grown mouse to squeeze through.

  • Mice work their way up through downspouts and gutters to get into a home by way of roof vulnerabilities.

  • Another way mice can get in through roof vulnerabilities is by climbing trees, running down branches, and jumping on the roof.

  • Mice are incredible climbers and are able to scale the walls of some homes, like Spiderman. Fortunately, your roofline will stop them from getting on your roof, but it won't keep them from getting to louvers, vents, and other openings.

  • Mice can get into your home through gaps around pipes and wire conduits.

Keep mice, rats, and other pests out by contacting Big Blue Bug Solutions for year-round pest control. This is the best way to deal with Concord pests.


A Fool-Proof Way To Keep Ants Out Of Your Concord Home

One of the most common pest problems in our area is ant infestations. We have a long list of potential ant pests, and many of them get into structures in large numbers. If you want to keep ants out of your home, the secret is to stop them as they come into your yard and as they enter the perimeter next to your foundation.

The fool-proof way to keep ants out is to have a licensed professional do some or all of the following:

  • Inspect your property for ant activity and conducive conditions.

  • Identify the ants found on your property.

  • Select the right baits or mound treatments to target the ant colonies in your yard.

  • Apply pest maintenance to address attractants in your landscaping and near your home.

  • Apply exclusions to seal potential entry points and create a physical barrier that keeps pests out.

  • Apply products and natural methods to address indoor infestations and systematically eliminate ants in the interior of your home.

  • Evaluate the success of ant treatments by performing a follow-up inspection.

  • Apply ongoing perimeter protection to prevent ants and other household pests from getting inside.

Ant control is a process, not a product. This process is best performed by a trained and experienced individual with appropriate licensing. If you need assistance with ant pest control in Concord, you can rely upon Big Blue Bug Solutions to arrest ant infestations and prevent future infestations by providing you with a year-round residential pest control service.


Here's How To Tell If There Are Bed Bugs In Your Concord Home

Bed bugs are a pest that everyone has heard of, but many people don't worry about. There is a notion that bed bugs are only an issue in dirty, run-down hotels, but this isn't true. While bed bugs thrive in environments like hotels and motels, they are a growing issue in residential communities all across the United States.

Knowing that bed bugs are a potential issue and how to identify them in your home can help you catch an infestation early before it spreads. Here are a few signs of bed bugs that you need to be aware of:

  • Reddish-brown spots of bed bug feces on mattresses, bedding, upholstery, and walls

  • Molted bed bug skins

  • White sticky eggs and eggshells

  • Itchy red bites on your skin that seem to appear overnight

  • In heavily infested areas, you may also notice a sweet, musty odor.

Contact us immediately for professional bed bug control if you see any of these bed bug warning signs. We'll inspect your home to determine the extent of the infestation. After our evaluation, we'll help you prep your home and use various treatment methods to eliminate the bed bugs in your home quickly and effectively, so you can sleep soundly without worrying about bed bugs crawling around on your mattress.


All You Need To Know About Centipedes In Concord

Centipedes in our area are common pests that can be easy to ignore. Their name is literally translated as "hundred legs," but they can have anywhere from 20 to 350 legs depending on the species.

Here is some information about centipedes to help you learn more about these common but strange-looking pests:

  • Centipedes have flat bodies and can measure anywhere from â…› of an inch to 6 inches long.

  • Centipedes don't pose a threat to humans. While they can bite, and their bites can be painful, there aren't any long-term effects from a centipede bite.

  • Centipede infestations are hard to detect. The only sign of their presence is usually seeing a live centipede in your home.

  • Centipedes prefer to live in damp areas like soil, loose bark, under stones, and in leaf or grass piles.

The best way to get rid of centipedes is with a home pest control plan from Big Blue Bug Solutions. Centipede control is part of our standard home pest control package. After our initial visit, we will provide three preventative maintenance visits throughout the year to protect your home from centipedes and other common local pests. When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing that if pests come back, we’ll return to re-treat your home at no additional charge, so your home stays centipede-free all year round.


Why Call A Professional For Bat Problems Around Concord

Bats can cause various problems when they invade Concord properties. They provide some benefits for ecosystems and eat other pests, but they also can spread illnesses and cause damage to structures. Removing bats from your property is essential, but it's easier said than done.

These nocturnal creatures are difficult to remove because they fly and hide in dark corners. They carry various diseases and might bite if handled or threatened, making them dangerous. Additionally, it's often illegal in the United States to exterminate these pests, so you need professionals to remove them.

Professional bat removal is the best way to eliminate an infestation. Big Blue Bug Solutions will inspect your building to find where these creatures are hiding and use the best techniques to get them off your property. Call us today if you see bats around your Concord premises.


Here's How To Tell If There Are Bed Bugs In Your Concord Home

While bed bugs don't spread diseases or cause damage, they can be annoying when they invade your Concord home. These pests bite sleeping people, resulting in red, itchy welts on the skin. Many associate these insects with bedding, but they can spread to different areas of your home, and their tiny sizes make them hard to find and eliminate.

The most common way these insects get into houses is on belongings. They invade luggage when people travel or ride on outdoor objects. Cleaning and inspecting belongings before carrying them into your home is the best way to avoid an infestation, but these tiny pests can be hard to see. Fortunately, there are other bed bug signs, including:

  • A musty, sweet odor

  • Pale yellow eggs or eggshells

  • Dark spots on fabrics

  • Rusty or reddish stains on your bedding

Looking for bed bug signs while cleaning, changing sheets, or returning home from a trip will help you discover an infestation. Once you notice these pests, call a professional bed bug control company for help. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we'll inspect your house to find hiding spots and end the infestation. Let us know when you see signs of bed bugs in your Concord home.


All You Need To Know About Centipedes In Concord

Centipedes are arthropods that measure from an eighth of an inch to six inches long. They're typically yellowish to dark brown and might feature darker stripes or other markings on their bodies. These nocturnal pests look like worms but feature between 15 and 177 pairs of legs and prefer high-moisture areas.

Most centipedes are no more than a nuisance on Concord properties. Since they're attracted to moisture, centipedes usually invade basements, bathrooms, potted plants, and crawl spaces. While they rarely bite, they might do so when handled. They don't spread illnesses to people, but their venom can cause pain and swelling.

The best way to avoid these creatures is to take preventative steps. Some tips to control centipedes on your Concord property include:

  • Reduce moisture around your property.

  • Remove leaves, grass clippings, logs, and rocks on lawns.

  • Seal gaps, cracks, or crevices in the exterior walls and foundation.

  • Keep insects away from your property.

While these tips can help to avoid a centipede infestation, professionals are the best removal solution. When you call Big Blue Bug Solutions, our pest control professionals will find and remove these annoyances. We'll also reduce attractants to ensure they don't come back. Contact us today to protect your home from centipedes.



Answering Concord's Most Common Earwig Questions

Earwigs are common pests that invade New Hampshire homes and gardens. Many people are afraid of these insects because of old myths. Here are the answers to some common questions about earwigs on your property.

Despite their name, earwigs don't crawl into ears. This myth states they move through people's ears and feed or lay eggs in their brains while we sleep. Instead, earwigs prefer to eat decaying vegetation, seeds, and other insects. They usually lay their eggs under wet leaves.

These pests have pincers, making them appear intimidating. However, these aren't usually used on people. While the insects will pinch if they're handled or feel threatened, the pincers are mainly for reproduction, prey, and defense. Even if they do pinch you, earwigs don't transfer any venom or illnesses.

While earwigs are only nuisances, you still don't want them around. The best way to evade an infestation is to remove attractants. Some tips to avoid earwigs on your Concord property include:

  • Remove leaves or mulch piles from your yard.

  • Move firewood away from the building.

  • Clean debris from gutters and downspouts.

These tips can keep earwigs and other pests out, but you'll need professional assistance if they get inside. At Big Blue Bug Solutions, our pest control professionals will inspect your building to find these pests, remove them, and take steps to keep them away. Call us today to learn more about how we'll stop your earwig infestation.


Answering Concord's Most Common Earwig Questions

Earwigs get their name from the completely untrue myth that these insects crawl into our ears and burrow into our brains to lay their eggs. While this horrifying myth has been proven false, there’s still a lot that people don't know about these pests.

Here are the answers to some of the common questions about earwigs in Concord:

What do earwigs look like?

Answer: Earwigs are long, narrow pests that are a little less than an inch long. They are either dark or reddish brown with pincher-like appendages called cerci.

Are earwigs dangerous?

Answer: Earwigs don't bite and are considered a nuisance pest, but they will pinch if they feel threatened.

Why are there earwigs in my home?

Answer: Earwigs will enter homes if the temperature outside is too hot or in search of areas with higher moisture levels.

What can I do to prevent earwigs?

Answer: The best way to prevent earwigs is to eliminate areas of high moisture around your home.

If you have an earwig infestation in your Concord home, your best option is to contact a professional pest control company like Big Blue Bug Solutions. Earwig control is part of our home pest control plans. We’ll eliminate any earwigs around your home and keep them from returning with consistent follow-up visits. Call us today to get rid of your earwig problem.

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