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dog scratching flea bites

Keep Your Pet Protected Against Summer Fleas

DATE POSTED: April 17, 2019

When you look at a blown-up picture of fleas, you'll notice their hind legs. The length and strength of these legs make fleas capable of jumping 150 times their own height! Imagine if humans could jump 150 times their own height. Since fleas are only about 2 to 3 mm long, the distance still seems small to us, but it’s all they need to get by.

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a long legged house spider scurrying along the floor of a new england home

How Summer Spiders Break into New England Homes  

DATE POSTED: April 11, 2019

There are many species of spiders in the world, about 40,000! That may not be your most favorite fact to learn, but the good news is that we live in an area that doesn’t include all of those species. In fact, we’ve narrowed down the most common spiders we see enter New England homes to just three.

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bed bug on a bed

Why Are There More Bed Bugs In Summer?

DATE POSTED: April 9, 2019

There’s no season like the season of summer. Plenty of fun activities, lots of vacation, and perhaps your family is free for a few weeks to spend time together. Many Worcester residents expect the influx of tourists in the New England area during summer, and with those tourists comes those hitchhiking pests—bed bugs. Some people wonder why there seems to be a rise in bed bug…

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a large swarm of flying termites as they destroy a wooden structure on a worcester property

I’m seeing flying termites around my Worcester home - should I be worried?  

DATE POSTED: April 5, 2019

You should be worried if you’re seeing flying termites around your home. The termites you’re seeing could be coming from a colony that has already infested your property, or they could be landing to start a new colony and settle in right near your home. Either way, the structure of your home is in danger, which means your safety is, too. If you’re seeing flying termites, we…

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a buzzing wasps infesting food on an new england property

How to Keep Wasps Out of Your Worcester Yard This Spring

DATE POSTED: April 3, 2019

Many of us here in Worcester feel a lot more alive and energetic when the days get warm and sunny after several months of cloudy skies and frosty weather. The same is true for pests such as wasps. No one wants a wasps nest threatening their security, which is why it is important to take steps to prevent wasps from deciding to nest on your property.

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a disease carrying mosquito sucking the hairy arm of a new englander

Why Mosquitoes Will Soon Return to New England Yards and Pools

DATE POSTED: March 28, 2019

Mosquitoes will soon return to New England yards and pools as the snow melts and warmer weather prevails. As the ground thaws and the sun shines and starts to warm up the air, eggs that mosquitoes laid in the fall will start to hatch. There are steps you can take to protect your yard from mosquitoes year-round. You’ll want to know what attracts mosquitoes and how to prevent them in your New…

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