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close up of pavement ant hill

Are You Struggling With Pavement Ants In South Portland?

DATE POSTED: May 30, 2022

Discovering a pavement ant infestation is quite alarming. Although pavement ants rarely bite or sting and are not known as a public health risk, they contaminate food which could make you and your family sick. They forage together and travel relatively great distances whenever they find a decent food supply.  If your home is in any way attractive to pavement ants, they will look for a way in…

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odorous house ant

Portland’s Helpful Guide To Effective Odorous House Ant Control

DATE POSTED: September 21, 2021

Coconut smells bring thoughts of warm, tropical beach vacations; on the other hand, the rotten coconut smell from odorous house ants make you think of garbage. Learn more about odorous house ants and the best way to remove them from your property to keep it smelling fresh

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