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american cockroach in a farmingham home

Cockroaches In Framingham Still A Pest Concern

DATE POSTED: April 17, 2014

As spring is starting to blossom all around us, we tend to get caught up in the warm, sunny days and the beautiful flowers that are now showing their faces. It is very easy to forget that with spring comes an influx of insects that are also excited for the new, warm weather. One pest that may become a bother for you this spring is the cockroach. Cockroaches inside your home or business are a…

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facts about cockroaches you should know

5 Strange Facts About Cockroaches

DATE POSTED: March 27, 2014

Cockroaches are one of the most notorious pests found in homes throughout Worcester, Framingham and surrounding areas in New England.  Just the sound of the word cockroach makes people cringe.  But do we really know them?  Here are 5 strange facts about roaches:

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can cockroaches in rhode island bite

Big Blue Bug Answers, Can Cockroaches Bite?

DATE POSTED: February 6, 2014

Here are Big Blue Bug Solutions, our New England pest control professionals can think of many good reasons why you wouldn’t want cockroaches inside your home. Do you know what they are? Sure, they are a whole lot of ugly and creepy mixed together but that is just skimming the surface. Here are some of our top reasons for avoiding a cockroach infestation is just plain smart!

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Preventing Roaches In Massachusetts

DATE POSTED: November 13, 2013

If your home has cockroaches in Framingham or Worcester, MA, simply contact Big Blue Bug Solutions today. Getting rid of roaches requires the help of a MA pest control professional due to the risk of bacteria, disease and allergies that these unsanitary pests can track through the home. Call today for more information on roach control in your home! 

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Cockroach Control Framingham MA

Framingham Pest Control Pros Answer Your FAQs On Roaches

DATE POSTED: October 17, 2013

There is very little worse than returning to your home after a summer vacation to find that somehow, while you were gone, roaches took up residence. Now that fall is here, roaches will be looking for a place to stay protected from the colder weather and if you are not careful, that place could be your home. Why should you be concerned about these invaders and what can be done to prevent them?

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