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cockroach on cutting board

Keeping Cockroaches Out Of New England Restaurants And Businesses

DATE POSTED: August 9, 2018

In the restaurant industry, one false move can mean the difference between success and ruin. Well, there is nothing that can destroy the reputation of your business faster than word of a cockroach infestation! With the popularity of social media and online review sites nowadays, it only takes one negative customer review to catch the attention of others and ruin the reputation of your business…

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cockroach on floor

Why Summer Cockroach Infestations Can Pose Serious Risks To Homeowners

DATE POSTED: July 9, 2018

Cockroaches are a serious threat all year round but become especially problematic in summer when they become more active due weather is nice and warm and their populations are much higher. To make matters worse, we've had a very rainy spring this year, which has given cockroaches everything that they need to reproduce quickly. 

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cockroach crawling on floor

Guide To Cockroach Prevention

DATE POSTED: April 20, 2018

There are a few different kinds of cockroaches out there, but all of them come with a stigma; a stigma that for guests and patrons can be pretty hard to look past. Cockroaches can mean trouble for both homes and businesses, and should you find one you will want to call a professional immediately because getting rid of cockroaches can be tough! Preventing cockroaches before they have invaded…

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cockroach in rhode island home

Separating Cockroach Fact From Cockroach Fiction

DATE POSTED: February 7, 2018

Is it true cockroaches will be the only creatures left after a nuclear explosion? Or that they can live forever without a head? How about the idea that they are able to walk across any surface, even upside down? While these are, decidedly, hardy creatures, some of the legends that have grown up around them are simply untrue. Here are a few of the most popular myths--followed by the facts.

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cockroach found in massachusetts home

Avoid Disease Spreading Cockroaches

DATE POSTED: January 17, 2018

No one likes to see a cockroach skittering across the floor or counter. They are creepy looking pests, and they are very dangerous to the health of humans. Roaches are instinctively drawn to human food and waste, they also regurgitate and defecate on food that they are eating. Bacteria can be transmitted by roaches, and they can be carrying parasites inside themselves as well. Salmonella is…

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