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restaurant in rhode island

You Should Consider Year-Round Help For Your Rhode Island Property

DATE POSTED: May 4, 2018

Rhode Island is such a beautiful state, with 4 very distinct seasons to enjoy. However, with each of those seasons also comes distinct pest pressures. We have to deal with mosquitoes and other pests in summer, a variety of pests including mice in the winter and many others throughout the rest of the year.

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pest birds on a business

Pest Birds Are Big Problems For Providence Businesses

DATE POSTED: March 12, 2018

When you are a business owner you do everything you can to put your best foot forward in your community. You are sure to hire the best people to represent your business. You work hard to give back to your community and participate in charitable events. You go above and beyond for your customers and clients and maintain good standing in your neighborhood. Then one day you notice an invasion of…

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empty restaurant in south portland


DATE POSTED: December 27, 2017

Keeping your South Portland commercial facility clean and disinfected is a huge job. Knowing what product to use, how effective it will be, and how safe it is around people can sometimes be overwhelming. At Big Blue Bug Solutions we are here to take some of that weight off of your shoulders and to inform you about a revolutionary product that will take the guesswork out of disinfecting your…

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The Importance Of Commercial Pest Control For South Portland Restaurants

DATE POSTED: November 15, 2017

The holiday season means big things for businesses. In the South Portland area, it means a significant increase in traffic as people travel and shop. Thanksgiving may not be a big restaurant holiday, but the days around it can provide great variety in the customers coming through, as Black Friday shoppers arrive in waves and traveling family members flow through the airport gates both incoming and…

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