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raccoon hiding in the rafters

How Dangerous Are Raccoons In Connecticut?

DATE POSTED: July 12, 2021

Raccoons are so cute when they are waddling around in the woods, washing their food in the brook, and all cuddled together in their treehouse dens. They frequently are made into talking cartoon characters that our children adore, and spend hours watching on TV. However, if you encounter a raccoon in the wild, you will understand very quickly that the TV version isn’t accurate. But oh my, they…

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racoon in the snow

The Trick To Keeping Raccoons Out Of Your Portland Yard

DATE POSTED: January 29, 2021

If your home is near a body of water or a wooded or grassy location, it’s probable you will encounter wildlife and animals; raccoons in particular. These creatures aren’t as cuddly and  innocent as they look, and you don’t want to tolerate their presence in your yard or home. Find out how you can ward them off with help from Big Blue Bug Solutions. 

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