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termite up close in providence

You Have To Be Tough On The Termites In Providence

DATE POSTED: November 15, 2019

Termite infestations are Providence property owners’ worst nightmare. These destructive insects typically invade during early spring and summer, when mature colonies send out winged reproductives to create satellite colonies nearby.

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termite colony up close

Why Termites Are Still Active in Worcester, MA

DATE POSTED: August 8, 2019

You may have heard that spring is termite season. It’s often referred to as such, so some people may assume that this is the only time of year we need to worry about termites. As nice as it would be if that were the case, it is not.

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termites up close in new england home

How Big Blue Bug Solutions Treat Termites In New England

DATE POSTED: June 12, 2019

In our New England service area, subterranean termites can be a serious threat to property. When these tiny, wood-eating insects get into a home or business they can create damage that is difficult to find and repair. For this pest control threat, the team at Big Blue Bug Solutions uses an active ingredient called Fipronil.

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a large swarm of flying termites as they destroy a wooden structure on a worcester property

I’m Seeing Flying Termites Around My Worcester Home - Should I Be Worried?  

DATE POSTED: April 5, 2019

You should be worried if you’re seeing flying termites around your home. The termites you’re seeing could be coming from a colony that has already infested your property, or they could be landing to start a new colony and settle in right near your home. Either way, the structure of your home is in danger, which means your safety is, too. If you’re seeing flying termites, we…

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