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a small but very dangerous deer tick traveling along a vibrant green leaf on a new england property

How To Minimize Tick Exposure This Summer  

DATE POSTED: July 11, 2019

We are deep in the heart of tick season here in New England. Unfortunately, we live in one of the most heavily infested areas of ticks in the country. There is no need to hibernate all summer, though. There are preventions steps you can take before ticks invade your yard and measures you can take before being active outside to prevent ticks.

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a disease carryig tick fully embedded its head into a southern portland pet

When Does Tick Season Begin In South Portland, ME?

DATE POSTED: May 23, 2019

Summer is just a few weeks away, and if you’ve lived here in South Portland long enough, you’re probably well aware of what pest problems are brought with the more tolerable summer temperatures. Tick season has already begun, but for many South Portland residents, their tick problems are just getting started. 

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tick on a finger in maine

What To Do If Ticks Are Still Biting Around Your Maine Home

DATE POSTED: November 1, 2018

We all know that ticks can cause health problems for our pets and our family members. As we head into late fall we might start to relax on our “tick checks” because we think we are finally safe from the danger’s that ticks pose as they die off for the winter. Unfortunately, ticks are still out and can get inside our Maine homes.

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