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A gray squirrel standing on a fence

The Problems Squirrels Can Bring To Your Milford Property

DATE POSTED: November 19, 2021

How often do you pay any mind to squirrels? You probably see them scurry up a tree, around the yard, or dart across the street. Some view them as cute, fluffy creatures, while some do not even notice them at all. However, did you know that these seemingly harmless creatures could be causing issues on your Milford property? 

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canadian geese on a lawn

6 Easy Tips To Keep Wildlife Away From Your Connecticut Property

DATE POSTED: December 16, 2020

When outsiders picture Connecticut, they might picture a winter wonderland. However, they don’t realize that people actually live here. And yes, we do, in fact, have all four seasons. Summer, fall, and spring are just as scenic and just as enjoyable. Only, they tend to come with a few more four-legged invaders.

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