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Date Posted: January 9, 2024
Category: Wildlife

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skunk in trash

Most people prefer to appreciate wildlife from afar. So, when these unpredictable creatures decide to make routine visits to your property, they can suddenly thrust you into precarious situations, upending your daily life. Whether it's reckless raccoons rummaging through your garbage cans under the cover of darkness or brazen bats deciding to roost in your attic, the constant presence of these uninvited animals can test your patience to its limits.

Thankfully, Big Blue Bug Solutions offers residents a welcome relief by delivering dependable wildlife control in Maine to restore the relaxed and peaceful setting of your property. No more looking over your shoulder or tiptoeing across the lawn, fearing you might draw unwanted attention from trespassing critters.

If you want to learn how wildlife and pest control can help you reclaim the serenity of your surroundings, continue reading.

Common Wildlife Intruders On Maine Properties

The problem with Maine being a desirable place to live is that the wildlife here thinks the same way. Just ask any resident, and they’ll most likely tell you a story about a surprise encounter with one of the many adventurous animals in the area. One wildlife species that is recognizable by many is the skunk. With its distinctive markings and ability to spray you down with a stinky substance, it’s best to stay as far away as you can from this creature.

Although considered natural insect regulators, bats can quickly wear out their welcome when they leave their waste behind, better known as guano. As it accumulates and dries up, the particulates produced can cause serious respiratory issues if inhaled. 

Another sneaky animal intruder is the raccoon. Known for rifling through trash bins and causing a messy ruckus, raccoons can cause damage to your structure and landscaping. And just when you thought that squirrels were the innocent ones of the bunch, these bushy-tailed acrobats can pose a threat to your plants as well as your property.

These are just a few of the diverse intruders that can cause a tremendous amount of chaos, which is why you should contact professional wildlife removal specialists to safeguard your surroundings properly.

The Impact Of Intrusive Wildlife On Your Property

When trespassing wildlife makes frequent visits to your property, the impacts can be enormous. On their quest to find food, squirrels, raccoons, and skunks can damage your landscaping and main structure. Their dried excrement can produce microscopic spores that can cause respiratory problems if inhaled. 

Repeated wildlife incursions can end up costing property owners a small fortune in repairs and renovations. That's why reducing these interactions is critical for the safety of occupants, personal property, and the animals themselves. 

Let our team at Big Blue Bug Solutions help you mitigate these risks. Call us today to learn more about our effective wildlife control methods.

Wildlife-Proofing Your Property: Effective Prevention Methods

The number one way to reduce interactions with trespassing wildlife is to make prevention a priority. Try implementing these tactics to strengthen your defenses against these unwanted animal invaders:

  • Install fencing around your property to create a physical barrier.
  • Use animal-proof trash containers to prevent scavenging creatures from accessing the contents inside.  
  • Keep vegetation well-trimmed and away from your structure to minimize hiding places.
  • Seal any holes or small openings in your roof, walls, or foundation.
  • Utilize motion-activated water sprinklers or outdoor lights to startle wandering animals.

Contact qualified pest professionals near you for additional tips or to schedule a wildlife removal service.

Ready To Take Action? Contact Our Wildlife Control Experts Today!

If you're tired of having to contend with nuisance wildlife hanging around your property, you're ready to bring Big Blue Bug Solutions on board for professional wildlife control services in Maine. We provide tailored solutions that eliminate the hassle, health risks, and possible property damage of these trespassing animals. From identifying vulnerable entry points to implementing humane exclusion methods, we've got your back. 

Reach out to us today to receive your courtesy inspection.

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