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carpenter ant damaged wood

Here Come The Ants Again

DATE POSTED: June 20, 2018

In the great State of Maine, we have a nice long break from pests during the cold winter months but, without fail, those pests come back when the weather warms up. From black flies and mosquitoes to spiders and house flies, they all come back year after year to plague us. In this article, we are going to look at the common ants that infiltrate our South Portland properties, the problems they cause…

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carpenter ant up close

What Rhode Island Residents Might Be Missing

DATE POSTED: July 25, 2016

If you're a native of Rhode Island, you've probably seen an ant. In fact, you've probably seen an ant this week. You may have even seen that ant inside your home. Ants are incredibly versatile creatures. They can climb walls, walk across ceilings, squeeze in through tiny cracks, and appear in places you'd never expect. Sometimes they even appear in startling quantities. But usually they can be…

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Are You Tired Of Doing The Ant Dance?

DATE POSTED: July 27, 2015

If you don't know what the ant dance is, it's okay, I'll walk you through it. Imagine being in your kitchen with romantic candle light all around. But you're not alone. The love of your life is with you. And, there is music. Choose a song that warms your heart. Do you have it? Now imagine embracing and dancing back and forth, back and forth. Are you there? Are you in the moment? Do you feel your…

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ant infested home in rhode island

Why An Ant Infestation May Seem Worse Right After Treatment

DATE POSTED: June 12, 2014

At Big Blue Bug Solutions, we handle a LOT of ant problems! These pests are everywhere- in homes and apartments, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food processing facilities and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. There are lots of different ways to treat ants, but one of our favorite ways to gain control over ants in the kitchen or your commercial environment is through ant baiting.

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