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bee up close on flower

Tackling A Bee Infestation In Worcester

DATE POSTED: August 5, 2022

Bees are important to the ecosystem but can be dangerous if they sting. If you see bees on your property, call a professional for assistance. In the meantime, here are tips on how to handle and prevent an infestation.

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close up of bee on flower

What To Do About Bees Spotted Around South Portland

DATE POSTED: May 21, 2022

Bees are an important part of our planet's ecosystem. They are responsible for pollinating flowers and crops all over the world. Finding these insects usually prompts homeowners to look into getting rid of them. Because bees are rapidly disappearing, it's essential to look for humane ways to deter them from your property by causing as little harm as possible.  Fortunately, extermination experts…

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yellow jacket in the fall

Yellow Jackets & Bees In The Fall

DATE POSTED: October 15, 2014

Yellow Jackets and Bees come out of hibernation at the end of spring, and slowly build their hives and nests through the summer months. When fall arrives, their populations have usually maxed out, and food resources in the area are diminished, which means there are more stinging insects flying around your house. This is also the time when new queens search for a place to overwinter. So, it is…

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Stinging Insects In Massachusetts

Stinging Insects In The Fall

DATE POSTED: September 18, 2013

It feels like fall has arrived. Leaves are changing, the nights are definitely cooler and we’re seeing pumpkin-flavored everything in stores. Most people love this time of year- it may be sad to see summer go, but there is definitely something to be said for cool and crisp fall days in New England! In the pest control industry, the end of summer also means that certain pests are no longer a…

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