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a carpenter ant crawling on flower bugs

Five Signs Your Worcester Home Has A Carpenter Ant Problem

DATE POSTED: February 3, 2021

Everyone in Worcester knows the big pest problems we have here in New England: cockroaches, rodents, moths, termites, and the like. However, a lesser-known common pest is just as prevalent in our region as its more famous counterparts, and it can cause just as much damage. We’re talking, of course, about carpenter ants.    

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a carpenter ant crawling on wood

What To Do If You Spot Carpenter Ants Around Your Worcester Property

DATE POSTED: October 6, 2020

All ants can be invasive as they can grow their numbers quickly and have large colonies. They can also contaminate food and any surfaces they come into contact with. However, there are one ant species that is a double threat because it can both contaminate food and also ruin property.

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a carpenter ant on a kitchen floor

What Are These Big Black Ants Around My Portland Property?

DATE POSTED: July 17, 2020

No one likes having ants crawling all over their property. They are incredibly annoying as they constantly get into clothes, food, and other items. And they multiply quickly. The worst thing about them is that they can carry illness-causing bacteria.

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