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Pest Spotlight: Centipedes In Milford Can Be Hard To Get Rid Of

DATE POSTED: March 15, 2023

Most homeowners don’t know how to manage centipedes in Milford. Information about them isn’t passed around like it is with other pests, and infestations are even more stressful when it’s unclear how centipedes are getting indoors and whether or not they are dangerous. In any case, you can’t battle them on your own. You’ll need the help of specialists in pest control in Milford. House…

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close up of centipede on leaf

How To Keep Centipedes And Millipedes Away From Your Connecticut Property

DATE POSTED: July 14, 2021

Have you ever spotted a centipede or a millipede in your home? If you live in Connecticut, you probably have. While centipedes are notable for their many pairs of legs (anywhere from 15-177 pairs), they are actually infrequently seen by humans because of their nocturnal nature. Traditionally, their body is yellow to dark brown in color and sometimes have striped markings. Centipedes are also…

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